Saturday, April 05, 2008

Three, no, four wyrd dreams, for the price of one!

>A Three Episode Dream

>I had a three episode wyrd dream. All of them occurred at the sameplace: A very large hall with very high ceilings:

>Episode 1: I had a companion - a man; with whom we had hundreds ofmen/trees as captives. My companion were kind to them and I was very loyal to him. Suddenly he became mad. Tortured them and began toviolate me. He began to kill everybody and also deceitfully tried to kill me.
>Episode 2: I had a partner - a woman; with whom we danced in a big party. There were hundreds of guests. She was charming and beautiful. A very special woman. Meanwhile I didn't know her. Suddenly she became mad and started killing guests. At last she deceitfully tried to kill me. The whole hall became the scene to our delicate tactical moves of chase and run.
>Episode 3: A large gathering of magicians and witches. I was being married to a princess (the same previous woman). She was charming and beautiful. She was tyrant and deceitful and killed his enemies with poison or bullet. Meanwhile she was a healer. Crying babies became quiet when she touched their face. We loved each other and all the time we were flying and making love. We both deceived people in coordinated plots and tried to run away.

Funny (wyrd?) that you relate these right now, Sepand, because I just had one last one that fits, rather wyrdly (?) in with the theme of these dreams. Despite its very different settings, characters, props etc., I feel it has a thematic similarity, so, rather than attempting to interpret or analyse yours in any way, I will just add/append it, as "episode 4". Maybe Blue days/nights in the Mayan calendar (i.e. watery/emotionaldays in the 4-day earth-cycle) really do represent times when hidden emotions float to the surface, if we let them... ;-))

Episode 4: In this dream I attend a meeting in my old school library (school as in secondary student, notteacher!), with a group of Gawith Villa clients; we discuss, in a very civilised and orderly manner, among other things, "munchers" (of which we see one drawn in a small cartoon on our agenda), i.e. "monstrous" or predatory people, who might harm or present a danger to us in some way, and suddenly C, normally a very softly-spoken and gentle admin. coordinator, second only to the CEO, comes in and loudly interrupts our meeting, saying something to the effect that "munchers" do not exist, and therefore we find the meeting instantly disbanded, all the clients disappear and go home, and get replaced by a meeting of workers in the library...
An indication of the REAL power-relationships and agendas in this organisation?!! ;-P

>I can't remember the fourth! Claire, what is the hidden relationship that you have identified between the fourth and others?

Our real feelings about the "munchers" that exist out there, i.e. really nasty people; you don't meet them very often, but, if and when you do, it can get really nasty! And their nastiness goes further than just personal, private projection... Mine got typified by a run-in I had online with a "muncher" the other night, a horrible person in a literati chatroom, with whom I had a bit of an altercation, to the point of ignoring them, then retired, thinking it all over; woke up, and guess what? Found a real computer virus downloaded to my PC (first and only time!); thinking all my worst nightmares had come true, I managed to kill the virus with AVG software (it turned out to amount to a nasty Trojan Horse piece of work! ;-P)... But obviously the incident still left me feeling shaken up and vulnerable; just because you don't feel paranoid, doesn't mean "they" won't know where to find you! ;-P

The dream also had a pre-cognitive as well as a post-cognitive aspect, in that, the next day, clients at GV should supposedly have seen a video about disability rights under the new state legislation, as advocated by VALID, a disability rights organisation, only the DVD player would not work properly, due to lack of remote; so that session got quickly disbanded, just like the meeting in my dream! So the fascist, tyrannical side of "munchers" can also get expressed by chronic organisational lack of functional resources, as well as particular "nasty" individuals! ;-P

>I think I know the reason why this dream is in three episodes. If I dreamt this dream before the time I had begun my self-analysis processes and all the magical stuff, it wouldn't last more than one episode. At the end of each episode I am in a serious danger of being killed. At these moments, I - consciously - transformed eachsituation, so the story repeated in a different form.
>Beside these, there is one specific relation between those 3 episodes.In first episode, there is a man I fear and in second, a tyrant beloved. At third episode, I transform into the dreadful man of first episode and my "counterpart", the beloved woman of second episode.Meanwhile we both agree on the quality of being tyrant and this does not make "me" fear anymore as it was in previous episodes.

So, your dream does have a happier ending than mine, Sepand, in that you at least internalise the projection? ;-))


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