Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Blue Solar Night dream!

"I perfect in order to dream,
Producing intuition.
I seal the input of abundance
With the planetary tone of manifestation." (Mayan affirmation of the day)

First dream ever involving fellow workers rather than clients, at GV:

For some strange reason, I stay late at Gawith Villa until it begins to get dark, and then I see M., a fellow worker, stark naked, climbing over a fence; she looks as surprised to see me as I her! I stay still a bit later, and it continues to get darker, and then I see M. and A., this time, both starkers, M. again scaling a fence... I have no idea where she goes, or what goes on on the other side of the fence, because of the darkness.

It feels almost as embarrassing, seeing others naked in a dream, as finding oneself naked! But after a little reflection, I did not find this at all a difficult dream to "crack". Both M. (a lesbian) and A. represent aspects of my life I have not explored, and therefore know nothing about, M. as a woman who dares to love other women, and A., a male, as an artist who also deals professionally with other artists. I might think I know a lot about these areas of life consciously, e.g. from reading "Tipping the Velvet" recently, but I don't really, because I have not experienced them! I finally get a satisfied feeling, as from successfully solving a puzzle, not only at managing to recall a dream at all, but also from the intuitive side, of actually "solving" it! Hence, it feels significant enough to want to record it, in this blog... ;-))


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