Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dreams of Ordinary Men

I like this poem; if one can see the relationship between snake and kookaburra in terms of their dynamics of predation/prey, so too can one see the relationship between spider and fly (spider a totem of mine, fly an "animal of the road" that just won't go away!). It reminds me of my hubby Bjorn Erik, also, because, of all Blake's poems, he liked The Fly from Songs of Experience best

the song Dreams of Ordinary Men by the 80's NZ band Dragon.

There is an essence in the water

There is a spirit in the sky
There is a spider drawing webs
To crucify a fly

The fly is drawing nearer
Just as if he knew
How we all must fit the pattern
How the pattern must fit you

Everybody say amen
These are the dreams of ordinary men
This is the world that we'll be living in
Out of the dreams of ordinary men

I mistook all your intentions
But you never did deceive
I have a helpless fascination
For the web you wove for me

We had nightly public beatings
But we slept in private hells
And I feel no guilt or vengeance
We just couldn't help ourselves

So what's the answer I have to find
To change my world like I change my mind
And change my life
If I could only change my dreams

Sometimes, these lyrics make so much more sense when written out as poems, than when you try to listen to them on Rage!

And, by a strange synchronicity, just after this, I just happen to read, in A. S. Byatt's A Whistling Woman: "He also felt an energetic ironic contempt for church life, in which all children were said to be, were, cosmic battlefields, and yet one who heard and saw the horrible forces on the other side of the pane, pain, membrane, brain, that separated him from their full impact, could only be hustled away into a hospital ward, where madmen hummed, and caught at imaginary flies, and hid under their beds, and made missiles of their food" (my emphasis added, in the last lot of italics!).


Blogger nekkid said...

I'll say Amen to a verdammt fine poem!


1:01 pm  
Blogger Morten Tønnessen said...


mannen bak Utopisk realisme her.

Fikk ikke skrevet tilbake sist.

Men nå har kona mi lagd en blogg hvor hun øver seg på norsk. Siden du sa du trenger all den øvelsen du kan få, tenkte jeg å si fra til deg: Sjekk ut

Kan bli morsomt også, huhuh...

Er du forresten opptatt av dyrevern, eller dyreforskning?

12:24 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

Neida, jeg bare elsker dem, og interesserer meg for dem!

5:07 am  

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