Sunday, May 13, 2007

Eurovision 2007

No longer finding myself in Europe, my spiritual home (sadly) and therefore unable to vote, I record my points and comments here (thank you, Helsinki, for that wonderful Hard Rock Hallelujah, from the home of Tolkien's original inspiration for Lord of the Rings; truly a hard act to follow, whether or not you like LOTR!)

Rumania: nice gypsy guitar (did Django Reinhardt come from Rumania?)... Romantic, with humor... I would like these guys serenading me in a gypsy restaurant... o O, dance factor!!! I like the multilingualism also! 9.5/10... No, stuff it, give 'em 10!!!***
Bulgaria: doing what Belaruss, or the Ukraine, did a couple of years ago... Cool; haunting, shamanic drums... very magical, and literally spellbinding?! Wendy Rule, with attitude!!! (Not that Wendy herself lacks this!) 10/10***

Belarus... loved 'em a couple of years ago... intense, hot... I don't want to lose this feeling, either! "Work your magic", Belarus! Very catchy, and magical... I feel their magic working on me... It made me get up and dance (extra points!) 9.5/10
Ukraine... Dance factor, with an extraterrestrial flavor!!! Get down, Ukraine!!! 9.5/10
(Once again, I seem to favor the Slavic countries, so chuck another vodka glass in the fireplace, and "Nitchevo!")

Macedonia... Impossible to stay seated for this one also... 9.5/10
Bosnia-Herzegovina... prayer for forgiveness... musically nice... loses points for awful dress... 8/10
Spain... boy band... belt buckles and thrusting trousers, all in white... bleahh... 3/10
Ireland... as always, it brings tears (of joy, or sorrow?) to the eyes... 8.5/10
Slovenia... Wow! Another Wendy Rule... loses points for excruciating upper register... Nice costume, shame about the music with operatic pretensions (it gives me a headache)... 4/10
Hungary... I hate it when Europeans try to sound like American C&W singers... Ee-oww, the screeching! 2/10
Lithuania... very mellow... you could enjoy it as musical "wallpaper" at sunset, virtually anywhere in the world... 8.5/10
Greece... Disco has not died? Someone should lay it to rest... 4/10
Georgia... Some people just should not try to sing in English! Or indeed, to sing at all... ;-P 2 points for the whirling Cossack dancing! 2+2 =4/10
Sweden (the country that had the gall to win Eurovision '99 with a remix of ABBA! Aaarrrggghhh!!!)... I do like the androgynous makeup... but otherwise, R.I.P., disco, again! 7/10
France... The French do a lot of things well, but not sing! When they sing franglais, it sounds even worse! 3/10
Latvia... Singing in Italian, because it probably sounds a whole lot better like that: not the three tenors, but very cute for all that... 7/10
Russia... this gives Russia the reputation of Europe's sluttish schoolgirls? Do they actually fellate those mikes? 3/10
Germany... Nice, very cool bit of swing (shame about the upper register, again!)... 7/10
Serbia... Nice; Serbia's answer to k.d.laing? I guess I kinda like moody lesbians! Very pure upper register... I too wish I knew what all that involved! 9/10
UK: eeecchh, more headache material! (Pass the cold compresses and the aspirin!) They do for Eurovision what British Airways does for the skies... pollution?! And, no, showing your tits will get you nowhere, at least, I hope not!
;-P 2/10
Turkey: belly dancing disco-style?! Lacks the dignity and passion of their winning belly-dancing entry a few years ago, which I did back... Sorry, Turkey; with British belly-dancers, it just does not seem the real thing... 4/10
Armenia: beautifully sung ballad... nice panpipes... got me singing (sing-along factor!)... 8.5/10
Moldova: more passionate gypsy violins!!! Tres exotique... definite haunting ambience... shame it had to degenerate into disco pyrotechnics... and screeching upper register... eeccchh! 6/10
At least, the Spanish voters share my taste, and vote for Bulgaria and Rumania, with me, despite their own appalling entry! And B.-H. gives its vote to Serbia... Eurovision knows no boundaries (much!). I love it, how people vote very much within their neighbourhoods... and yet it still pans out differently every time? Anyone care to give a mathematical analysis of the Eurovision voting? lol
At least Israel gives its 12 points to Belaruss!... Looks like my runner-up (Serbia) may = a Eurovision winner, for the very first time?
o O... how does Norway vote? Hungary (8), Serbia (10), and o O... Sweden (12)?!! lol
Sweden MUST vote outside of Scandinavia; Hungary(8), Serbia(10), Finland...(12)... the closest they could find to Scandinavia?! lol
Iceland also forced to discover Finland, by Scandinavian default...! lol
SERBIA WINS!!! (Who said you had to have a conventionally pretty face, to win Eurovision?! Actually, she does not look that bad, second time around! That may = the beer goggles talking? lol)

Why don't they ever tell us the place-getters at the end? Cos no one remembers a loser? ;-P

Complete madness, of course... I don't know why it sucks me in every year, but it does! lol

Let Finland have the last word again, for this year: "I gotta go crazy, just to stay sane!"


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