Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Truly wyrd Sims shit!

Something truly wyrd happened in the Sims today: Abbe Odhran (father confessor and chaperone of Claire Charming) and Claire both sleep, Odhran after giving up his aspirations to stardom in Studio Town, Claire exhausted from trying to make it there... And their piano plays by itself!!!

(They also have no radio or jukebox, always previously having made their own music... o O... a Sims ghost pianist walks, and plays???) lol
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Blogger Witty Woman said...

Just come back to my blogs after over 2 years away - currently deleting all the spam posts (WOW!) and came across several from you.

So you're also into Tarot and Sims? It was The Sims 2 that caused me to stop updating my blogs, I sorta got hooked!

Not sure if I am going to carry on with the tarot blog or scrap it, but I'm on the verge of updating the other one.

Anyway, just thought I'd pop by and thank you for your comments. Will take a look at your blogs properly later, when I have more time. Still trying to work out the connection between tarot and the Sims!

4:03 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

1) To bypass spam, just add a "word verification" thingy to your comments box!

2) Actually I have devised a way of playing the Sims by the Tarot, in that I have four Sims neighbourhoods (some would say too many, but then some would say one Sims neighbourhood = too many!), each corresponding to one element/suit of the minor arcana, and if I get a major arcana card, that acts as a kind of wild card, so I go wherever, by association, and/or preference! In each neighbourhood, I also have one "flagship" household, corresponding to the court cards of that suit, e.g. in the Congo (water/Cups)neighbourhood/household, they have especially "fishy" decorations! This one comes from the Petro (fire/Wands) neighbourhood, and Claire (Aries) and her chaperone Abbe Odhran (Sagittarius) = a particularly fiery household, which does not stop Claire sinking into the odd clinical Sims depression, despite her considerable creative talents!

3) Can't wait for you to catch up with the rest of my blogs, especially my Sims novella about the Hicks (see below!) ;-))

6:22 am  

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