Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Quite a dream I had last night!

Blue Crystal Night... quite a night for dreaming in the Mayan calendar, and quite a dream I had last night!
I dreamt I worked with Deanna at Gawith Villa (not unusual lately), and Deanna looked exceptionally glamorous, and Helsy spoke to me! Just one word at a time, but very clear and lucid, and appropriate to the context, e.g. as I pointed to pictures in a book, she could name things, even the slightly more abstract "ticket". So I wanted to take both Deanna and Helsy for a walk, and Helsy seemed exceptionally delighted when I called her "Helsy-Belsy"! lol Alister congratulated me on relating better to Helsy than I had the previous day (apparently, i.e. with my usual non-comprehension of her)... During our walk, something terrible, and yet wonderful in a dreamlike way, happened: we reached a narrow laneway we had to negotiate before we could get in or out, and with help Helsy got out of her chair and, deciding she could see no other way around it, began to climb the wall, Spider-woman fashion! I watched with bated breath, and much anxiety, as she began to fall, fortunately straight into my waiting arms. Craig-os happened to watch at the time, and I wondered if this would incur any repercussions... ;-P


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