Saturday, November 25, 2006

Results of Victorian state election

Phew! It seems finally over, and thank god/dess the Libs did not get in, once again, in our fair state of Victoria... Having said that, some aspects of the ABC's election coverage disturbed me: no mention at all of Malvern, the electorate I visited to hand out how-to-vote cards for People Power, a new political party furthering the interests of the disabled and mentally ill, in particular, represented by Deb Holmes in that area... In fact, no mention of People Power, Deb Holmes or Malvern whatsoever! Perhaps because it seemed all too foregone a conclusion (extreme Liberal stronghold, held by a margin of 10.2%), so Deb demonstrated some guts even having a go! Also held previously, interestingly enough, by previous Liberal premier Henry Bolte and the retired leader, Robert something-or-other (who cares?), in favor of Ted Baillieu, who continues to hold the seat of Hawthorn... Ted Baillieu has a gorgeous-looking wife and kids, btw, and I did like how his little son, in particular, put him temporarily on the spot, by saying that no, he would not vote for Ted Baillieu, unless Ted Baillieu got him a hot dog! lol

I had to go to the website, not the TV, to find out most of the above, except for the Ted trivia! lol

o O... I think they just mentioned People Power, for the first time, on TV, at 9:44 the context of eastern Victoria, small parties and balance of power in the upper house (actually technically the Legislative Council in Victoria, as opposed to Legislative Assembly, the lower house, for all you non-Victorians!) ;-))

In my own electorate of Prahran, we did not have a People Power candidate (too safe a Labor seat?), so I had to go Green with Labor preferences, as, it seems, also did plenty of others, although voting 1 People Power in our newly democratic (proportionally, as opposed to preferentially, represented) upper house seemed easy-peasy! ;-))

And Nards, a fellow wyrdling down Warrnambool way, gets to keep his Liberal member, the very snide Denis Napthine (whose wife I remember as a fellow teacher)! Oh, joy, he can keep him! ;-P

P.S. For Americans, Labor corresponds roughly to your Democrat, and Liberal to your Republican, believe it or not!


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

Hi Claire,

Haven't spoken to you for ages. I hope you are well. I have been checking out your blog regularly even though I haven't been leaving comments. I did try to leave one recently, but had some PC problems, which I've now resolved after some tidying up of files and defragmenting. I haven't noticed you on Yahoo Messenger lately either. It would be good to catch up after such a long time. Maybe we can have a pre-Christmas catch-up at some stage. (hopefully when it's not boiling hot like today) !

Anyway, I wanted to ask you too, whether you have checked out the new 'Beta' version of blogger. There is some fun stuff, and it seems they are making a bit of a move towards incorporating videoblogging. I've actually posted a couple of videos on my blog recently - one a Pleiadian channeling, the other about Pleiadian contact, and the third a really interesting video called "Alien Contact", which I'm sure you would enjoy.

Hope to hear from you soon and have a chat. Lots of love,

11:34 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

See my two comments on your blog, Sebi! ;-))

2:14 pm  

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