Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The inner meaning of my recurring Sims dreams?


"Yule passes, and the sun comes dancing in joyfully. Crazy Hassan catches the sun up in his hands and dances with it, faster and faster. The sky swirls, day sky, night sky, morning and evening skies. "Nothing is True!! No truth anywhere!!," sings Crazy Hassan joyfully."

I love this; somehow it hints at the inner meaning of my recurring Sims dreams? ;-))

And, yes, Crazy Hassan seems strikingly apposite, not to mention a propos, as a/THE coyote/chaote figure? ;-))

"Space dust forms suns. Suns and planets form solar systems, solar systems form galaxies, galaxies form countless multiverses which flood the whirling fabric of spacetime as Crazy Hassan's laughter roars joyfully throughout."

>And Acme is very similar to Hassan I Sabbah's Clearing house of Delights

Hehe! And happy birthday to Bjorn Erik, wherever you find yourself, and many happy recurring solar returns!

And indeed everything happened in my astral scenarios last night, from someone suffering a fatal (?) beesting attack while making honey and beeswax at the honey-and-beeswax-making station, to a naked couple copulating on a lounge room floor, to orphaned kiddies trying to smuggle their way into new adoptive residences... ;-))


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