Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Finally...another dream!!!

I felt like I got a bit out of synch. with the Astral and Dream course last week, due to difficulties early in the week, actually downloading the course material videos, and feel almost a week behind as I start week 5, but only a couple of days, really! And last night, I did have another Sims dream, in which a character (me? Cornelia? Baba Yaga? one of the characters of myself as crone, anyway!) started creating a really magical site or lot, for herself, but also as a public magical venue: she still got the disintegration effect, but, as fast as things disintegrated, they got replaced by more magical "mystery boxes" for her to open, and either use, or sell for more buckeroos or Magic Coins, with the result that she ended up, (if "ended up" seems the right word, because the process or project has not actually finished!) developing a magical site with pay booths for different magical attractions, food stalls, sandwich boards advertising the place, stages for magical performances, to attract the crowds, etc.! I wish, I wish, I wish, I could do all this, in the real, mundane game!!


Blogger Seth McBee said...

You ever wonder what happens when you die? You have a quote that says to "pray to God, think of buddha and worship satan"

Jesus Christ says that He is the only way to heaven, and that you must believe in Him and Him alone or you will pay for your sins in Hell for eternity. Making actually all three of those things you mentioned futile and worthless in regards to heaven.

4:49 am  

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