Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Week 2 of astral and dream course: visualization

Still flat out dreaming, and recalling dreams, and still dreaming about the Sims! Only this time it seemed about one of my older female Sims (the first Baba Yaga, since evicted for failure to perform?): it seemed she carried on a whole life underground, with underground mansions, abducted princesses, or maybe her daughters, who knows? Something of the Persephone myth about this one, Baba Yaga having something of Hades (underground riches) about her! I only wished, again, I could have seen more of the goings-on in the light... ;-))

Interesting correspondence with today's I Ching:
The present is embodied in Hexagram 36 - Ming I (Darkening of the Light): It will be advantageous to realize the difficulty of the position, and maintain firm correctness.
There are no changing lines, and hence the situation is expected to remain the same in the immediate future.
The things most apparent, those above and in front, are embodied by the upper trigram K'un (Earth), which represents docility and receptivity.
The things least apparent, those below and behind, are embodied by the lower trigram Li (Fire), which represents brightness and warmth.


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