Sunday, October 08, 2006

A very, very funny video...

...about August Strindberg, absinthe and a bizarre little character called Helium; check it out at Comedy Central! (Ignore the message that you won't find it available till 2007: just enable the popups, and it works!) ;-))

They also have a really funny one about the Shrub and his famous mispronouncements, as well as numerous on cartoon characters, such as Mortimer Koon (speaking of animal medicines, try a wacky raccoon on for size!) and the maximum security ward for animated characters that never saw the light of day... Thanks, Winnie, for making my day with these! hehe

o O - the inner meaning of today's Tarot, the Devil: a new addiction, to add to my collection of addictions? I now find myself addicted to Strindberg and Helium cartoons ("Heliuuum!"), when I had never heard of them before; thanks again, Winnie! I did not have nearly enough addictions, and now just cannot get enough of this one, either! lol


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