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Red Self-Existing Earth: a day of synchronicity!

A spooky thing, this day of synchronicity ( this Red Self-Existing Earth does not mess about - but best to stay grounded, although at times Red, earthy days, like Skywalker, tend to want to go into orbit!): I just got the same Tarot card three days in a row, in three separate decks, all before me, as we speak - Arcanum V, the Hierophant (or Pope: Dalai Lama in my Tarot): the Hierophant, looking very Sufi-like in the Tarot of Ceremonial Magick, Ganesh/Lord of Obstacles, seated in the centre of a spider web, in the Secret Dakini Oracle, and "Master of the Head", or spirit-guide, who "dances on the head of the Fool" (i.e. for me, Papa Legba) in the Voodoo Tarot.

What can this mean but the blessings of spiritual friendship?

I also just read about this in Women Who Run With The Wolves this morning:

"Having a lover/friend who regards you as a living growing criatura, just as much as the tree from the ground, or a ficus in the house, or a rose bush out in the side yard... having a lover or friends who regard you as a true living breathing entity, one that is human but made of very fine and moist and magical things as well... a lover and friends who support the criatura in you... these are the people you are looking for. They will be the friends of your soul for life. Mindful choosing of friends and lovers, not to mention teachers, is critical to remaining conscious, remaining intuitive, remaining in charge of the fiery light that sees and knows."

- Clarissa Pinkola Estes (p. 110).

Colin Jenkins, of Gawith Villa, also has some very good things to say about picking the real from the phonies in his book; in its interspersing of poems with snippets of haiku-like prose, it rather reminds me of Basho's Deep Road to the North!

"When we travelled to Bendigo [in Victoria] we saw some nuggets of gold as well as black opals. The black opals we found made us very happy. We were so sure that by selling them we would become wealthy. However, here I am still trying to sell my stories.

"When I was at Mt Gambier [in South Australia] I noticed the lake was as blue as the Pacific Ocean; ever more so on the southern part of it. I also noticed that the mountain looked incredibly blue.

"That blue lake is right on the border between Victoria and South Australia. When I was on the Murray Princess boat, I was taking photographs of my friends. However, I was distracted by the lovely things I noticed; white and black swans. Strangely, these photographs didn't turn out very well. My friends are blurry in the pictures, but the swans look fantastic.

"Later we travelled to the Twelve Apostles. Some of these Apostles must have been in church, because I could only count eight of them." [In fact, only seven of this Victorian landmark off the Great Ocean Road remain now, lost to sea erosion! But I love how Colin says they must have found themselves in church, or something! lol]

"After our swim we continued our walk to the cave. When we arrived I wanted to see if we could find any hidden treasure but it was too deep and too dark to see. I was worried about going inside. Anything or anyone may have been guarding that treasure.

"On another day I went to Eden with my parents. We saw a mineral fountain and tried the water. The water was so clean and good tasting that we decided to stay for a few days. We joked that Eden must have been the lost garden of Eden. This seemed even funnier when I realised that the bananas I had been eating during our time in Eden came, in fact, from Queensland. We wanted to taste the delights of Eden but were only eating phonies." [lol!] (Colin Jenkins, The Good Lady Witch, pp. 22-23).

And a poem of his I think you will also like follows:


The watery sun is puncturing the light
through the misty cloud
To the South the clouds are greyishly light
The bare branches of the spruce trees
look like a lady's laughter
She laughs with the howling wolves
They are subtle, gracious, eminent."

- Colin Jenkins, ibid., p. 24.

>The plot thickens, just like barley soup.

*stirring soup vigorously, and enthusiastically!* ;-))

The idea of Red Self-Existing Earth (and synchronicity) also seems to sit well with today's I Ching:

The present is embodied in Hexagram 11 - T'ai (Peace): We see the lesser gone and greatness come upon us. There will be good fortune, with progress and success.

The first (bottommost) line, undivided, suggests the idea of grass pulled up, and bringing with it other stalks with whose roots it is connected. Advance on the part of its subject will be fortunate.

(i.e. interconnectedness at grass roots level?) ;-))

The fifth line, divided, reminds us of king Ti-yi's rule about the marriage of his younger sister. By such a course there is happiness and there will be great good fortune.

(Not quite sure what this means, however, but perhaps the idea of forming new connections, new friendships, even perhaps new neural pathways in the brain?) ;-))

The sixth line, divided, show us the city wall returned in to the moat. It is not the time to use the army. The subject of the line may, indeed, announce his orders to the people of his own city. However correct and firm he may be, he will have cause for regret.

The situation is shifting, and Yang (the active masculine force) is gaining ground.

The future is embodied in Hexagram 57 - Sun (Wind): There will be some little attainment and progress. There will be advantage in movement onward in whatever direction. It will be advantageous to see the great man.

The things most apparent, those above and in front, are embodied by the upper trigram K'un (Earth), which is tansforming into Sun (Wind). As part of this process, docility and receptivity are giving way to penetration and following.

Which reminds me of the old Christian song:
"Spirit of God in the clear running water,
...Blow, blow, blow till I be
but breath of the Spirit blowing in me!" ;-))

The things least apparent, those below and behind, are embodied by the lower trigram Chi'en (Heaven), which is transforming into Sun (Wind). As part of this process, strength and creativity are giving way to penetration and following.

Likewise, "Spirit of God, creation is groaning...
blow, blow, blow..." (etc.) ;-))


Blogger Talasa said...

The Clarissa quote makes me day:)
Enjoying your posts both here and in SB. So delighted that you joined us. The way you post puts new light and insight within our exchanges.

11:38 pm  
Blogger asgif666 said...

Thank you so much for your kind words, pi! ;-))

6:23 am  

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