Thursday, October 26, 2006

The only recurring dream (with minor variations) of my life so far

Just last night, I found myself confronted with the only recurring dream of my life: that same, weird, magical, astral Sims scenario, which seems mostly too dark to see, and a lot of it happens underground anyway; I cannot know who plays the game, or even where they live, except I have the vague feeling they often represent "royalty" (kings, princesses etc.). They busily amass magical riches and assets in the half-dark (shades of Hades/Persephone?), and even had a cute little golden earth-dragon called Urdu (after one of the Norns?), as opposed to the nasty fire-dragon called Burnie; Urdu grew from a golden egg, and set about digging underground tunnels everywhere, but, just as the house fills up with a mad clutter of every conceivable magical asset and gimmick, they quickly disintegrate, seemingly with a half-life of decay of their own, and they find themselves back to square one! Last night, while still dreaming, I called this "the kingdom of the Id", in Freudian terms, to myself, since it seems all about gratifying the momentary pleasure principle, with little light or direction from the conscious ego, which could at least help with some sort of ordered layout... So I set out to introduce a little ego-light, direction and consciousness into it, to make it into a "kingdom of the conscious Ego", and did attain moments of clarity, spotlights on objects here and there, but later still the process of astral entropy took over again, and once again we found ourselves back at square one! ;-P

Note from Wikipedia: "In Norse Mythology Urd (ON: Urðr) is one of the three Norns (old crones). Her name means that which has become, and is related to the English word weird. She was also called the Dís of Death."


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