Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A nasty, sleazy, little Freudian dream

Yet another Sims dream, and this time taking place significantly enough in the same house, with the same layout, as last night's (i.e. the bedrock of the psyche?): only this time the drama plays out between a father, a daughter and a serving-maid, all in old-fashioned clothing, quasi-medieval. The father conceives a lust for his daughter, but does not want to act on this, for fear of the complete tabu on incest, so he transfers his lust in turn to the serving-wench, also young and pretty, but he knows, if he forces himself upon her, and her into his antique canopy four-poster bed (as opposed to her Spartan, single, dorm-style one), she could make his life hell by never, ever returning his affections... So the father seems caught in a painful erotic dilemma! I still feel Freud would have done better to stick with his original seduction hypothesis (he had right gut-instincts re the revelations of his patients), rather than allowing a colleague, himself the abuser of his own 10 year old son, to sway him into changing it into the so-called "wish-fulfilment theory"; you wish I wished for that, daddy! This dream leaves the nastiest taste in my mouth yet, of all the dreams so far, since the start of the Astral and Dream course ;-P

Powerful dream totems have arisen also, this new month of the Self-Existing Owl (a personal totem of mine, and, interestingly, in the light of its initial dream, associated with my right, or father's, side!): Lizard and Bear, the dreaming power-totems par excellence!

Also interestingly, for omens on the breaking of the drought, Dragonfly has brought Frog, and might find herself able to tickle Tiddalik into coughing up all that water he has greedily swallowed! I choose as my patron Mayan deity this month Chac, god of rain and lightning: who else?

Interestingly, Horse, the power animal of Power itself, binds together both this month's themes of Dreaming and Drought-Breaking:

"Mighty Horse,
Power to run
Across the open plains,

Or to bring the vision,
Of the shields
Dancing in purple dream rain."
- Jamie Sims, Animal Medicines.


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