Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lobster telephone, a la Dali and Winnie!

If I had a mobile phone that did not challenge me, I would enjoy it in a Daliesque design like the one shown here, maybe with an I am the Walrus ringtone, that would definitely stand out in a crowd! lol

Day/night 1 of the Astral Travel and Dreams course at gnosticweb: Despite my fears and misgivings on reading and viewing the excellent course material for the week, all went well tonight, as I woke up, after going to sleep doing the progressive muscular relaxation exercise, and did not have to jump out of bed to go to the loo, and the first dream/astral thing that occurred to me seemed the little, simple Sims projection I found holographically projected in the Buddha-light on the ceiling (Sims and TV deprivation last night, through catching up with email?!) - just a cupboard this time, containing something like a fancy hot tub... That led me into creating whole new Sims characters in my mind, on the astral, and moving them into new Porte Rouge villas (my favorite, or ideal, Southern-type mansion), working out who I would move in with a downloaded McDonald's franchise, to attract customers to the lot as a new enterprise, maybe with a popcorn vendor stand, as well as leaving room for giant vibrating love-beds, heart-shaped hot tubs, faithful robot or zombi servitors etc. Forget the so-called 'Sims magic': these little Sims projections on my ceiling I wake up to seem little astral portals indeed, although it took me hardly any mundane time at all to run through endless astral possibilities, perhaps in a parallel astral universe, in my mind; talk about the lion, the witch and the Sims astral wardrobe! lol

Although it took me no time at all to mentally run through all this, it took me so little time in fact (without even needing to do the dream-recall mantra), that I may have to go back to bed just to rest, as I see the clock time does not even read 3 am yet, after only 4 1/2 hours sleep or so, although funnily enough, I do not feel tired, and quite refreshed (maybe it pays to use your sleep-time more efficiently this way, by allowing yourself time to go to sleep in a more "conscious" and mindful way!) ;-))

(ii) I did have to go back to sleep for a bit more rest, and turned up a second dream fragment, in the same Sims format: me with Josh as a little kid, toddler, a recurring theme for me anyway; maybe I should have pursued that one further, and used the mantra, but I felt like I had already done enough work for one night! ;-))


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