Monday, October 16, 2006

Day 5, dream course

Last night I dreamt a murder happened in the Sims: an ABC TV drama I watched simultaneously played out in one of my richer Sims houses, but among poorer, hard-working, farming characters, and the tension apparently erupted in violence; I heard the warning alert sound, as it does when something serious happens, but had no idea to what it referred, and no one called the police, as they did not notice or realise what had happened either. The body just lay there, in a pool of blood; also, I did not see the Grim Reaper come visit, as it usually does when a character dies of "natural" causes, like a fire or something... It broke my heart to see it just lying there.
Moral of this story: Sims characters, as astral entities, like any other aspect of the personality, do indeed have a "life of their own", and will slowly bleed to death, if ignored, deleted, evicted, etc.? ;-P


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