Friday, October 13, 2006

Day 2 Astral course: Won't you take me to Magic Town?

I have found my muggles characters in the Sims no more magical with the Makin' Magic pack than when they started, and some distinctly less so, but, waking several times last night, after going to sleep doing the relaxation, I found I had a whole family in Magic Town, which I could barely make out, as they had no more bright lighting than the Buddha-light at the time, so I don't know their names or address, but they seemed to have a baby, another little child, a girl, a restaurant with zombi servitors as waiters and waitresses, a whole pod of fairies for the child/ren to play with, and a very weird but magical-looking bed I could barely make out, dimly lit in red, but looking something like the Sleeping Beauty... I want to go and make Magic Town my default neighbourhood, as this seems where the real magic and fairytales happen, but I do not know how, and I have not found much use so far, so downloading, importing and exchanging stuff; I can read Sims web pages, but not comment on them, and I don't know where you get the supposed cheats and tips! So translating the magic into the mundane seems a bit of a challenge so far, and I guess that seems the 'moral' or upshot of this dream/astral story ;-P


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