Friday, October 27, 2006

A big increase in astral/dream lucidity to report!

While still not perfect, I have a big increase in astral/dream lucidity to report, over last night's. This time I remember the names of my astral Sims, Robyn and Phyllis (or Louise?), two charming old spinsters in quaint, old-fashioned clothing, with lace collars and cameos and all, overlapping another Sims household, which seems a strong indication that my astral/magical Sims characters do in fact represent an astral dimension of the mundane Sims game, or even parallel universe to it! They arranged their astral Sims household with rather more order than last night's more shadowy figures, and even had a little blue (watery?) dragon this time, sleeping in their kitchen, which seems a major improvement over the little red Burnie, that seems all my mundane Sims can score, which still has pyromaniac tendencies, despite the best and most affectionate of attentions! They even had a flourishing garden, beginning with a cluster of topiary, including hedges trimmed into dolphin shapes, and banks of flower-beds three deep! ;-))

So, mundanely introducing St Odhran, who has his feastday today, as Celtic "patron saint of the underworld", as my patron, really did help? Thank you, Brendan, of, for the synchronicities! ;-))

P.S. The little blue dragon, as Dragon of Water, also corresponds to today's cyber-Tarot of the Ace of Cups, and the rune Laguz, also of water?! ;-))

" night
there's a heartbeat at the door.
Outside, a woman in the fog,
with hair of twigs and a dress of weed,
dripping green lake water.
She says, 'I am you,
and I have traveled a long distance.
Come with me, there is something I must show you...'
She turns to go, her cloak falls open,
Suddenly, golden light... everywhere, golden light..."
("Woman Who Lives Under the Lake", from C.P.Estes, Rowing Songs for the Night Sea Journey, Contemporary Chants, privately published, 1989).


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