Monday, October 30, 2006

St Odhran update:

The Madeline Bray and Smike characters not enjoying their stay in the underworld so much (too Christian, not pagan enough?); their set-up seemed completely dysfunctional, with box-like rooms without windows or doors, toilet parked outside in the kitchen, etc.! ;-P

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Phar Lap beats Second Wind and Shadow King in the 1930 Melbourne Cup.  Posted by Picasa

Phar Lap

Phar Lap beats Reveille Boy and Scimitar in the Agua Caliente handicap, 1932.

Ode to Pharlap
(4 of Wands: against all odds)

"he wasn't just a horse"
(Harry Telford, trainer)

"that's my Bobby boy"
(Tommy Woodcock, strapper, and final trainer)

he, Phar Lap
(lightning in Thai),
aka. the Red Terror,
aka. Bobby boy,

came to Agua Caliente

the place of hot springs, in Spanish

red as fire
to the fiery springs
ran like the wind, and lightning, as usual
with half his hoof hanging off
as the hard Mexican stones
cut into his feet
lucky a horse's feet hardly touch the ground when galloping

"he would run, and win,
even with no legs",
said his trainer

4 of Wands: seemingly impossible
marriage of fire and water
against all odds

creates a freak, a wonder,
a god in equine form,
whose like we had not seen before,
nor have seen since
(although he had the previous wonder Carbine in his bloodlines,
both sire and dam seemed duds)

duds too, all the other yearlings
trained by Harry Telford

Phar Lap would have done what he did
no matter who trained him,
his trainer realised in near despair

but only if he had a trainer
with the hard head of a Harry Telford
and a strapper
with the softness of heart of a Tommy Woodcock

head and heart so often opposed each other
hardness and softness,
yang and yin
embodied in the two men, one older, the other younger -

"who gives the orders around here?"

what their "marriage" produced
seemed a heart on legs, all heart
the largest heart ever seen in a horse
itself a freak of nature:
imagine the immensity of those four bursting chambers!

and to think that the harsh stony desert of Mexico
could put down a New Zealand/Australian champion!

he ran every race as if it were his last

he put all his heart into it, every time

and all hearts, Australian and Mexican, went out to him

he ran every race as if doing battle with the lords of death,
the rulers of the underworld

killed by greed

fitting epitaph for a nation's hero, and legend

even if the greedy element in that nation began to kill him

before the greed of the other did!

America, we would hate you for your greed,

if we did not feel more shame at our own

(c) Claire Pedersen, 28/10/06
(springtime brings on thoughts of horse-racing, and the medicine wheel thoughts of horses and horse dreaming:
the power animal of power itself -
they don't call it "horse power" for nothing!)

A serious sequel to the previous dream

Last night's dream seemed a little strange, even by my wyrd standards! In the dream, there appeared a little child, a boy, Smike, as it turned out, whom I had created after reading Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens, hoping to give him a better childhood with Nicholas and his bride Madeline Bray than he had had at Dotheboys Hall, under Mr Squeers, in the book. Unfortunately, however, in the game, the relationship between Nicholas and Madeline did not take off, although Smike soon graduated to "superkid" status... In my dream, he retraced his steps back through past journeys, visiting milestone-places; someone had told him that if he deleted any objects he had left behind in those places, whatever pursued him (Mr Squeers, the abominable schoolmaster?) would lose the scent, and ability to follow... At first he therefore went around deleting objects, then, when it seemed that Nicholas and not Mr Squeers pursued him, he stopped deleting, in the hopes of a reunion, and, indeed, a better life. But, when Nicholas finally caught up with him, strangely enough, he did not want a reunion, although he loved the child fondly in the book, and mourned his death; he exercised an option instead, which caused Smike and Madeline to sink slowly beneath the ground, among the apple trees of Appleview Farm (where they had lived), to find themselves later transported to another "village" (neighbourhood, in the game?) for safe keeping...

The "sinking beneath the earth" motif seems a strange one, because it does also correspond with the Celtic legend of St Odhran, i.e. a necessary "sacrifice" by voluntary burial. I had wondered how to logistically accomplish this in the game, and this dream solved the problem for me! St Odhran also discovered, to Columcille's horror as an orthodox Christian, that hell or the underworld did not seem so bad after all! So maybe, for the good of the whole game, I should allow the Nicklebys to "sacrifice" themselves, since they seem to "volunteer" for this! (Maybe also the Saint Odhran character himself?) I also wonder about the strangely evocative overtones of the connection with apples, and apple trees... ;-))

This dream also corresponds with today's cyber-Tarot of the "9 of Stones", i.e. extreme earthiness, giving oneself up to the element of earth, and I Ching:

"The present is embodied in Hexagram 14 - Ta Yu (Possession in Great Measure): There will be great progress and success.
In the first (or lowest) line, undivided, there is no approach to what is injurious, and there is no error. Let there be a realisation of the difficulty and danger of the position, and there will be no error.
The third line, undivided, shows us a feudal prince presenting his offerings to the Son of Heaven. A small man would be unequal to such a duty.
The fourth line, undivided, shows its subject keeping his great resources under restraint. There will be no error.
The situation is shifting, and Yin (the passive feminine force) is gaining ground.
The future is embodied in Hexagram 4 - Meng (Youthful Folly): There will be progress and success. I do not go and seek the youthful and inexperienced, but he comes and seeks me. When he shows the sincerity that marks the first recourse to divination, I instruct him. If he apply a second and third time, that is troublesome, and I do not instruct the troublesome. There will be advantage in being firm and correct.
The things most apparent, those above and in front, are embodied by the upper trigram Li (Fire), which is tansforming into Ken (Mountain). As part of this process, brightness and warmth are giving way to stillness and obstruction.
The things least apparent, those below and behind, are embodied by the lower trigram Chi'en (Heaven), which is transforming into K'an (Water). As part of this process, strength and creativity are giving way to danger and the unknown."

Friday, October 27, 2006

A big increase in astral/dream lucidity to report!

While still not perfect, I have a big increase in astral/dream lucidity to report, over last night's. This time I remember the names of my astral Sims, Robyn and Phyllis (or Louise?), two charming old spinsters in quaint, old-fashioned clothing, with lace collars and cameos and all, overlapping another Sims household, which seems a strong indication that my astral/magical Sims characters do in fact represent an astral dimension of the mundane Sims game, or even parallel universe to it! They arranged their astral Sims household with rather more order than last night's more shadowy figures, and even had a little blue (watery?) dragon this time, sleeping in their kitchen, which seems a major improvement over the little red Burnie, that seems all my mundane Sims can score, which still has pyromaniac tendencies, despite the best and most affectionate of attentions! They even had a flourishing garden, beginning with a cluster of topiary, including hedges trimmed into dolphin shapes, and banks of flower-beds three deep! ;-))

So, mundanely introducing St Odhran, who has his feastday today, as Celtic "patron saint of the underworld", as my patron, really did help? Thank you, Brendan, of, for the synchronicities! ;-))

P.S. The little blue dragon, as Dragon of Water, also corresponds to today's cyber-Tarot of the Ace of Cups, and the rune Laguz, also of water?! ;-))

" night
there's a heartbeat at the door.
Outside, a woman in the fog,
with hair of twigs and a dress of weed,
dripping green lake water.
She says, 'I am you,
and I have traveled a long distance.
Come with me, there is something I must show you...'
She turns to go, her cloak falls open,
Suddenly, golden light... everywhere, golden light..."
("Woman Who Lives Under the Lake", from C.P.Estes, Rowing Songs for the Night Sea Journey, Contemporary Chants, privately published, 1989).

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The only recurring dream (with minor variations) of my life so far

Just last night, I found myself confronted with the only recurring dream of my life: that same, weird, magical, astral Sims scenario, which seems mostly too dark to see, and a lot of it happens underground anyway; I cannot know who plays the game, or even where they live, except I have the vague feeling they often represent "royalty" (kings, princesses etc.). They busily amass magical riches and assets in the half-dark (shades of Hades/Persephone?), and even had a cute little golden earth-dragon called Urdu (after one of the Norns?), as opposed to the nasty fire-dragon called Burnie; Urdu grew from a golden egg, and set about digging underground tunnels everywhere, but, just as the house fills up with a mad clutter of every conceivable magical asset and gimmick, they quickly disintegrate, seemingly with a half-life of decay of their own, and they find themselves back to square one! Last night, while still dreaming, I called this "the kingdom of the Id", in Freudian terms, to myself, since it seems all about gratifying the momentary pleasure principle, with little light or direction from the conscious ego, which could at least help with some sort of ordered layout... So I set out to introduce a little ego-light, direction and consciousness into it, to make it into a "kingdom of the conscious Ego", and did attain moments of clarity, spotlights on objects here and there, but later still the process of astral entropy took over again, and once again we found ourselves back at square one! ;-P

Note from Wikipedia: "In Norse Mythology Urd (ON: Urðr) is one of the three Norns (old crones). Her name means that which has become, and is related to the English word weird. She was also called the Dís of Death."

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Schizotypal personality traits

"only 1% are diagnosed schizophrenic, and a similarly small percentage clinically manic depressive. Most of us just have a few quirks [60-70% of the adult population, according to one study!].
"Because several important research studies have now established a definite correlation between schizotypal personality and a propensity to have certain sorts of religious experience, and because, as we shall see, being somewhat schizotypal seems to confer a definite advantage on humanity, it is important that we recognise the features that define this state of mind. The degree of each depends upon where on the scale between normal and psychotic an individual is situated.
"According to most assessments, a schizotypal person exhibits the following nine personality traits to varying degrees:
"MAGICAL IDEATION, which means a tendency to think that one's thoughts have a physical power or that they can come true (if I wish bad luck on someone and it happens, thinking made it happen); also, a tendency to see significance in the correlation of supposedly unrelated events (like black cats and bad luck), or in mundane objects such as crystals, bones or anything that might serve as a talisman. Whether such magical ideation is considered schizotypal or normal is, of course, culture-dependent; in many societies such associations are regarded as mainstream.
"EASY DISTRACTION. The highly schizotypal poet Rilke expressed his easy distractibility as, 'If there is noise, I give myself up and am that noise.' A more seriously schizophrenic patient commented, 'I attend to everything at once and thus I do not attend to anything.'
"A TENDENCY TO FANTASIZE OR DAYDREAM, and sometimes not to know the difference between fantasy and reality.
"LOOSENESS OF THOUGHT, or 'thought slippage'. The individual's thoughts don't have the usual logical restrictions and boundaries, so he or she makes connections between things that others might not make.
"IMPULSIVE NON-CONFORMITY, in other words just acting on impulse; sometimes odd speech, odd behavior or eccentric dress."
(Only just Friday my 'interesting' and 'eccentric' manner of dress received yet another comment! lol)
"UNUSUAL EXPERIENCES, such as the visual and auditory kind associated with spiritual experiences...
"INTROVERSION: liking one's own company and preferring solitary pursuits.
"SOCIAL ANHEDONIA, also known as 'integrative pleasure deficiency': a diminished ability to enjoy social encounters, usually accompanied by a tendency to withdraw from them. Physical anhedonia is a diminished pleasure in sensory experience [e.g. taste of food?! ;P].
"AMBIVALENCE: not being able to make up one's mind, because the individual can see the value or possibility of both or many alternatives."
(from "the 'God Spot' in the Brain", Spiritual Intelligence: the Ultimate Intelligence, Dana Zohar and Ian Marshall, pp. 104-5).

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Pin the tail (and the ears) on the wossname!

OK, in last night's Sims dream (yes, another! lol), someone led a donkey about, through all the rooms in the houses, that looked just like this... Guess what? That dream might have had something vaguely precogniscent about it, because guess who seemed the donkey today? Ee-yours truly! ;-P Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A nasty, sleazy, little Freudian dream

Yet another Sims dream, and this time taking place significantly enough in the same house, with the same layout, as last night's (i.e. the bedrock of the psyche?): only this time the drama plays out between a father, a daughter and a serving-maid, all in old-fashioned clothing, quasi-medieval. The father conceives a lust for his daughter, but does not want to act on this, for fear of the complete tabu on incest, so he transfers his lust in turn to the serving-wench, also young and pretty, but he knows, if he forces himself upon her, and her into his antique canopy four-poster bed (as opposed to her Spartan, single, dorm-style one), she could make his life hell by never, ever returning his affections... So the father seems caught in a painful erotic dilemma! I still feel Freud would have done better to stick with his original seduction hypothesis (he had right gut-instincts re the revelations of his patients), rather than allowing a colleague, himself the abuser of his own 10 year old son, to sway him into changing it into the so-called "wish-fulfilment theory"; you wish I wished for that, daddy! This dream leaves the nastiest taste in my mouth yet, of all the dreams so far, since the start of the Astral and Dream course ;-P

Powerful dream totems have arisen also, this new month of the Self-Existing Owl (a personal totem of mine, and, interestingly, in the light of its initial dream, associated with my right, or father's, side!): Lizard and Bear, the dreaming power-totems par excellence!

Also interestingly, for omens on the breaking of the drought, Dragonfly has brought Frog, and might find herself able to tickle Tiddalik into coughing up all that water he has greedily swallowed! I choose as my patron Mayan deity this month Chac, god of rain and lightning: who else?

Interestingly, Horse, the power animal of Power itself, binds together both this month's themes of Dreaming and Drought-Breaking:

"Mighty Horse,
Power to run
Across the open plains,

Or to bring the vision,
Of the shields
Dancing in purple dream rain."
- Jamie Sims, Animal Medicines.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Week 2 of astral and dream course: visualization

Still flat out dreaming, and recalling dreams, and still dreaming about the Sims! Only this time it seemed about one of my older female Sims (the first Baba Yaga, since evicted for failure to perform?): it seemed she carried on a whole life underground, with underground mansions, abducted princesses, or maybe her daughters, who knows? Something of the Persephone myth about this one, Baba Yaga having something of Hades (underground riches) about her! I only wished, again, I could have seen more of the goings-on in the light... ;-))

Interesting correspondence with today's I Ching:
The present is embodied in Hexagram 36 - Ming I (Darkening of the Light): It will be advantageous to realize the difficulty of the position, and maintain firm correctness.
There are no changing lines, and hence the situation is expected to remain the same in the immediate future.
The things most apparent, those above and in front, are embodied by the upper trigram K'un (Earth), which represents docility and receptivity.
The things least apparent, those below and behind, are embodied by the lower trigram Li (Fire), which represents brightness and warmth.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Day 5, dream course

Last night I dreamt a murder happened in the Sims: an ABC TV drama I watched simultaneously played out in one of my richer Sims houses, but among poorer, hard-working, farming characters, and the tension apparently erupted in violence; I heard the warning alert sound, as it does when something serious happens, but had no idea to what it referred, and no one called the police, as they did not notice or realise what had happened either. The body just lay there, in a pool of blood; also, I did not see the Grim Reaper come visit, as it usually does when a character dies of "natural" causes, like a fire or something... It broke my heart to see it just lying there.
Moral of this story: Sims characters, as astral entities, like any other aspect of the personality, do indeed have a "life of their own", and will slowly bleed to death, if ignored, deleted, evicted, etc.? ;-P

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Day 4, Dream course

I recalled a dream again last night: hey, this progressive muscular relaxation before sleep really does work, for dream recall! Again, I dreamt about a Sims character called Colin, who seemed to accumulate a huge number of magical assets, but as yet did not know what to do with them (a pretty fair summary of the Makin' Magic game neighbourhoods so far! lol

And if this drought continues, will we end up like China, I wonder?

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Day 3 Dream course

I dreamt I found myself as a Sims character called Colin, funnily enough, and, like the Colin in waking life, "too much of a poet, and too little of anything else" (Holderlin) or "only a fool, only a poet" (Nietzsche) ;-))

Friday, October 13, 2006

Day 2 Astral course: Won't you take me to Magic Town?

I have found my muggles characters in the Sims no more magical with the Makin' Magic pack than when they started, and some distinctly less so, but, waking several times last night, after going to sleep doing the relaxation, I found I had a whole family in Magic Town, which I could barely make out, as they had no more bright lighting than the Buddha-light at the time, so I don't know their names or address, but they seemed to have a baby, another little child, a girl, a restaurant with zombi servitors as waiters and waitresses, a whole pod of fairies for the child/ren to play with, and a very weird but magical-looking bed I could barely make out, dimly lit in red, but looking something like the Sleeping Beauty... I want to go and make Magic Town my default neighbourhood, as this seems where the real magic and fairytales happen, but I do not know how, and I have not found much use so far, so downloading, importing and exchanging stuff; I can read Sims web pages, but not comment on them, and I don't know where you get the supposed cheats and tips! So translating the magic into the mundane seems a bit of a challenge so far, and I guess that seems the 'moral' or upshot of this dream/astral story ;-P

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lobster telephone, a la Dali and Winnie!

If I had a mobile phone that did not challenge me, I would enjoy it in a Daliesque design like the one shown here, maybe with an I am the Walrus ringtone, that would definitely stand out in a crowd! lol

Day/night 1 of the Astral Travel and Dreams course at gnosticweb: Despite my fears and misgivings on reading and viewing the excellent course material for the week, all went well tonight, as I woke up, after going to sleep doing the progressive muscular relaxation exercise, and did not have to jump out of bed to go to the loo, and the first dream/astral thing that occurred to me seemed the little, simple Sims projection I found holographically projected in the Buddha-light on the ceiling (Sims and TV deprivation last night, through catching up with email?!) - just a cupboard this time, containing something like a fancy hot tub... That led me into creating whole new Sims characters in my mind, on the astral, and moving them into new Porte Rouge villas (my favorite, or ideal, Southern-type mansion), working out who I would move in with a downloaded McDonald's franchise, to attract customers to the lot as a new enterprise, maybe with a popcorn vendor stand, as well as leaving room for giant vibrating love-beds, heart-shaped hot tubs, faithful robot or zombi servitors etc. Forget the so-called 'Sims magic': these little Sims projections on my ceiling I wake up to seem little astral portals indeed, although it took me hardly any mundane time at all to run through endless astral possibilities, perhaps in a parallel astral universe, in my mind; talk about the lion, the witch and the Sims astral wardrobe! lol

Although it took me no time at all to mentally run through all this, it took me so little time in fact (without even needing to do the dream-recall mantra), that I may have to go back to bed just to rest, as I see the clock time does not even read 3 am yet, after only 4 1/2 hours sleep or so, although funnily enough, I do not feel tired, and quite refreshed (maybe it pays to use your sleep-time more efficiently this way, by allowing yourself time to go to sleep in a more "conscious" and mindful way!) ;-))

(ii) I did have to go back to sleep for a bit more rest, and turned up a second dream fragment, in the same Sims format: me with Josh as a little kid, toddler, a recurring theme for me anyway; maybe I should have pursued that one further, and used the mantra, but I felt like I had already done enough work for one night! ;-))

Sunday, October 08, 2006

A very, very funny video...

...about August Strindberg, absinthe and a bizarre little character called Helium; check it out at Comedy Central! (Ignore the message that you won't find it available till 2007: just enable the popups, and it works!) ;-))

They also have a really funny one about the Shrub and his famous mispronouncements, as well as numerous on cartoon characters, such as Mortimer Koon (speaking of animal medicines, try a wacky raccoon on for size!) and the maximum security ward for animated characters that never saw the light of day... Thanks, Winnie, for making my day with these! hehe

o O - the inner meaning of today's Tarot, the Devil: a new addiction, to add to my collection of addictions? I now find myself addicted to Strindberg and Helium cartoons ("Heliuuum!"), when I had never heard of them before; thanks again, Winnie! I did not have nearly enough addictions, and now just cannot get enough of this one, either! lol

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Today's I Ching

>The present is embodied in Hexagram 9 - Hsiao Ch'u (The Taming Power of the Small): There will be progress and success. We see dense clouds, but no rain coming from our borders in the west.
There are no changing lines, and hence the situation is expected to remain the same in the immediate future.

o O...more of the same, i.e. drought?

>The things most apparent, those above and in front, are embodied by the upper trigram Sun (Wind), which represents penetration and following.
>The things least apparent, those below and behind, are embodied by the lower trigram Chi'en (Heaven), which represents strength and creativity.

i.e. more sun and wind but no rain? I had better go learn some weather magic... ;-P

Monday, October 02, 2006

Red Self-Existing Earth: a day of synchronicity!

A spooky thing, this day of synchronicity ( this Red Self-Existing Earth does not mess about - but best to stay grounded, although at times Red, earthy days, like Skywalker, tend to want to go into orbit!): I just got the same Tarot card three days in a row, in three separate decks, all before me, as we speak - Arcanum V, the Hierophant (or Pope: Dalai Lama in my Tarot): the Hierophant, looking very Sufi-like in the Tarot of Ceremonial Magick, Ganesh/Lord of Obstacles, seated in the centre of a spider web, in the Secret Dakini Oracle, and "Master of the Head", or spirit-guide, who "dances on the head of the Fool" (i.e. for me, Papa Legba) in the Voodoo Tarot.

What can this mean but the blessings of spiritual friendship?

I also just read about this in Women Who Run With The Wolves this morning:

"Having a lover/friend who regards you as a living growing criatura, just as much as the tree from the ground, or a ficus in the house, or a rose bush out in the side yard... having a lover or friends who regard you as a true living breathing entity, one that is human but made of very fine and moist and magical things as well... a lover and friends who support the criatura in you... these are the people you are looking for. They will be the friends of your soul for life. Mindful choosing of friends and lovers, not to mention teachers, is critical to remaining conscious, remaining intuitive, remaining in charge of the fiery light that sees and knows."

- Clarissa Pinkola Estes (p. 110).

Colin Jenkins, of Gawith Villa, also has some very good things to say about picking the real from the phonies in his book; in its interspersing of poems with snippets of haiku-like prose, it rather reminds me of Basho's Deep Road to the North!

"When we travelled to Bendigo [in Victoria] we saw some nuggets of gold as well as black opals. The black opals we found made us very happy. We were so sure that by selling them we would become wealthy. However, here I am still trying to sell my stories.

"When I was at Mt Gambier [in South Australia] I noticed the lake was as blue as the Pacific Ocean; ever more so on the southern part of it. I also noticed that the mountain looked incredibly blue.

"That blue lake is right on the border between Victoria and South Australia. When I was on the Murray Princess boat, I was taking photographs of my friends. However, I was distracted by the lovely things I noticed; white and black swans. Strangely, these photographs didn't turn out very well. My friends are blurry in the pictures, but the swans look fantastic.

"Later we travelled to the Twelve Apostles. Some of these Apostles must have been in church, because I could only count eight of them." [In fact, only seven of this Victorian landmark off the Great Ocean Road remain now, lost to sea erosion! But I love how Colin says they must have found themselves in church, or something! lol]

"After our swim we continued our walk to the cave. When we arrived I wanted to see if we could find any hidden treasure but it was too deep and too dark to see. I was worried about going inside. Anything or anyone may have been guarding that treasure.

"On another day I went to Eden with my parents. We saw a mineral fountain and tried the water. The water was so clean and good tasting that we decided to stay for a few days. We joked that Eden must have been the lost garden of Eden. This seemed even funnier when I realised that the bananas I had been eating during our time in Eden came, in fact, from Queensland. We wanted to taste the delights of Eden but were only eating phonies." [lol!] (Colin Jenkins, The Good Lady Witch, pp. 22-23).

And a poem of his I think you will also like follows:


The watery sun is puncturing the light
through the misty cloud
To the South the clouds are greyishly light
The bare branches of the spruce trees
look like a lady's laughter
She laughs with the howling wolves
They are subtle, gracious, eminent."

- Colin Jenkins, ibid., p. 24.

>The plot thickens, just like barley soup.

*stirring soup vigorously, and enthusiastically!* ;-))

The idea of Red Self-Existing Earth (and synchronicity) also seems to sit well with today's I Ching:

The present is embodied in Hexagram 11 - T'ai (Peace): We see the lesser gone and greatness come upon us. There will be good fortune, with progress and success.

The first (bottommost) line, undivided, suggests the idea of grass pulled up, and bringing with it other stalks with whose roots it is connected. Advance on the part of its subject will be fortunate.

(i.e. interconnectedness at grass roots level?) ;-))

The fifth line, divided, reminds us of king Ti-yi's rule about the marriage of his younger sister. By such a course there is happiness and there will be great good fortune.

(Not quite sure what this means, however, but perhaps the idea of forming new connections, new friendships, even perhaps new neural pathways in the brain?) ;-))

The sixth line, divided, show us the city wall returned in to the moat. It is not the time to use the army. The subject of the line may, indeed, announce his orders to the people of his own city. However correct and firm he may be, he will have cause for regret.

The situation is shifting, and Yang (the active masculine force) is gaining ground.

The future is embodied in Hexagram 57 - Sun (Wind): There will be some little attainment and progress. There will be advantage in movement onward in whatever direction. It will be advantageous to see the great man.

The things most apparent, those above and in front, are embodied by the upper trigram K'un (Earth), which is tansforming into Sun (Wind). As part of this process, docility and receptivity are giving way to penetration and following.

Which reminds me of the old Christian song:
"Spirit of God in the clear running water,
...Blow, blow, blow till I be
but breath of the Spirit blowing in me!" ;-))

The things least apparent, those below and behind, are embodied by the lower trigram Chi'en (Heaven), which is transforming into Sun (Wind). As part of this process, strength and creativity are giving way to penetration and following.

Likewise, "Spirit of God, creation is groaning...
blow, blow, blow..." (etc.) ;-))

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