Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Today's I Ching

Today's I Ching, Hexagram 3, "Difficulty at the Beginning", the image of a lady retreating from a suitor to whom she feels attraction, suggests to me the association of playing hard to get, i.e. feigning initial reluctance or unwillingness, will make someone or something pursue you all the harder... Interesting image; not at all sure how it will relate to my life today. What does anyone else with access to the I Ching think?

Since my hexagram of the year equates to number 50, Ting, "The Cauldron", I currently work on constructing a third leg for my cauldron: with the Tarot and runes relatively more familiar, I hope that the I Ching, in its relative unfamiliarity, will supply a more stable base for my bubbling witches' brew ;-))


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