Monday, September 11, 2006

The Tao of Chaos

I have strange thoughts on digital vs. analog (from the Tao of Chaos, mentioned yesterday), on waking up at nearly noon, having slept my sorrows away at Collingwood dropping out of the finals, to our first truly "solar" spring day... although why the sun continues to shine, with Collingwood dropped out of the finals, I have no idea! How dare it? lol

I changed my watch from my digital, footy season watch to my analog, non-footy-season, Spiderman watch, and it occurs to me, this seems probably a good thing, because analog has such advantages over digital, that airlines have even reverted to it, for their measuring instruments, i.e. digital only gives you discrete numbers, separate chunks of information, e.g. "you have 50 l. of petrol left in your tank", but it does not tell you whether this means, "almost full" or "almost empty", as an analog measurement and display will! Analog clocks and watches show you the relationship between hours, minutes and seconds, where digital ones do not, i.e. if you don't know the convention that 11:59 will flip over to 12:00, you might think it will just go on forever, to 11:60, 11:61, etc., until it runs out of room on the LCD display, like the numbers on a pocket calculator! lol

Do kids brought up with digital clocks, watches and calculators really know how to "tell the time", I wonder? ;-))

Yesterday's I Ching
>> The present is embodied in Hexagram 64 - Wei Chi (Before Completion): There may be progress and success in these circumstances. We see a young fox that has nearly crossed the stream, when its tail gets immersed. There will be no advantage in any way. The first (bottommost) line, divided, shows its subject like a fox whose tail gets immersed. There will be occasion for regret.

I certainly did have occasion for regret, listening to the footy! ;-P

Maybe Collingwood getting to the finals, and then dropping out, equates to the inner meaning of "before completion"? So, while the Collingwood cheer squad will NOT sing at the Gawith AGM, as threatened, promised and even permitted, I won't necessarily cry into my lunch either; every year, Jews say at Passover, "Next year, in Jerusalem"; every year, Collingwood supporters say, "Next year the flag"? Oh, well, we mostly gave them a good run for their money, while it lasted! *sigh*

(The Tarot did not look good yesterday, either, what with the 3 of Swords in my cyber-Tarot, and the 10 of Swords in my personal Tarot: oh, well, the good thing about the 10 of Swords seems that Azaka the labourer rises to a brand-new day, and a rainbow of future promise, having already seen the worst!) lol


Anonymous Rav`N said...

As a West Australian I do feel that I should be gloating right now, but since I'm not much of a footy fan anyway I'll spare you :P

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

10:33 am  

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