Thursday, September 28, 2006

Stunning original antique absinthe posters, from La Belle Epoque! Posted by Picasa

Sims update: I have got the Goth senior family, grandparents of little Cassandra, to have (not adopt!) another one, when they seemed past their prime, and raise him into little Gomez Fester Adam Goth (thinking of the Addams family), lol! So what relation does he have to Cassandra, i.e. the son of your grandparents? lol

Their huge, haunted mansion, with adjoining cemetery, seemed a bit big and unwieldy, not to mention overfurnished, with all the dying rubber tree potplants, despite the maid and gardener services doing their best, so I moved them all into a slightly smaller mansion, still with ample room to put all their favorite things, and less of the sheer clutter: the Porte Rouge Villa, named for its fancy schmanzy red doors all around the place, downstairs! I think I have created my best ever kid's room, upstairs, for little Gomez, with a picture of an admiral overlooking the study/computer desk, a leopard skin rug on the polished floorboards, and otherwise absolutely every fun thing a child could wish for! Also nice green velvet drapes, like the ones in his parents' master bedroom, and nice white lacy ones on the windows on the landing. I like the feel of this house, and I could actually live in it myself: it has kind of a real, old-fashioned "Southern belle" type feel to it, and a real "New Orleans" atmosphere (but not haunted and oppressive, like their previous mansion), and I also moved in the cutting edge of domestic service technology, a robot servant, which seems all you could ever wish for in domestic service, with the added bonus that you can use the toilet while the robot cleans the bathroom, and not feel embarrassed, unlike with a human maid! They also seem the only one of my families to afford not only Servo, the robot servant, but also both a vibrating love-bed, AND a heart-shaped hot tub (at the upper end of the bed and tub markets)! ;-))

They also have two nice little Siamese cats, appropriately and academically named Hecuba and Aristotle (Gunther works as a college dean).

The only drawback seems that this scenario has crashed on me twice already tonight: only up to the Sims Unleashed (i.e. with pets) expansion pack, and already the program has got a little too big for my computer to handle? ;-P


P.S. I actually judge a family by its kid's rating, as opposed to its parents', and little Gomez's has dropped from an A+ to a B+, despite my best efforts, so I will give them a little time to (hopefully) refresh themselves, before revisiting, OK?

P.P.S. I have re-created the Goth snr family, at a relatively minor level (minus kid!) in neighbourhood one, also in my coveted Porte Rouge villa mansion, hehe!


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