Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sims update (for Kelly, and anyone else interested!)

I have created a few "super-kids" by now, boys and girls, A+ grades, happy-go-lucky, well-adjusted, play with, feed and clean their hamsters, have plenty of time for fun after minimal study, bring up their dysfunctional parents (lol!): Cassandra Goth also turned into one, after some doubts, and allowing plenty of time, before revisiting that household, for the characters to "refresh" themselves (a little trick if you don't like how a scenario goes: quit and save if it has redeemable elements, quit and don't save if it seems a total disaster, like when one of my mothers got sick, with a virus, picked up from her super-kid daughter, from school, and died... You have to watch sickness sneaking in: the kids usually pick it up - from school, or an allergy to their hamsters, which they otherwise love? - and tends to spread to the parents, who then find it harder and harder to get to work, even if they had good, or reasonable jobs, and for some reason the Sims game does not provide medical treatment among the available "services" you can ring, so there just doesn't seem much you can do about it; hot baths and chicken soup provide some temporary relief, but do not cure! ;-P)

Funnily enough, I find myself more interested in the family dynamics of households with kids than any "hot dates" for the singles, although I have got up to expansion pack 4, Hot Date!) - however one of my happily married couples, the first one, the Mozart family, average parents of my above-average Wolfi Junior, did manage to have a "hot date" just grooving and dancing, and kissing, to the jukebox in their kitchen, while the kid happily amused himself blowing soap-bubbles!

Btw, the bubble-blower seems a great "fun-refresher", as close as the Sims families get to drugs... lol! You buy this bubble-blowing machine, especially if the kids seem excited about the idea when they talk, and the whole family sits around this thing like a giant water-pipe, or bong? lol! getting really silly and giggling, with bubbles pouring out rather than smoke... Just like marijuana for the whole family? The family that bongs on, stays together? lmao)

Superkids as some of my kids seem, they still seem in some way "freaks" as they have no friends in the neighbourhood, and even when Wolfi Junior got invited to Sylvester Newbie's birthday party, he just stood around outside, although others had asked him in; i.e. he just took one look at the crowd gathered within, and thought, "Nuh... not my kind of scene"? lol Even Cassandra Goth does not respond positively to him when he just rings up for a chat, and they both have their own recycled phones in their rooms! lol So, no little Mensa Junior society happening in the neighbourhood... but perhaps that just amounted to a crazy, freakish idea of my own! lol

But you gotta love how the kids' funtime interests and pastimes (chess, painting, music, on both electric guitar and piano) gets their parents in, and helps them with their job skills! (what I mean, by the idea of "kids bringing up their parents"!) hehe

Oh, btw, one other crazy thing that happened: Bella Goth, after an unsuccessful attempt to adopt a second baby, although she sacrificed her medical technician job to do this: i.e. at least one partner, and they mostly seem mothers, because they have the less well-paying jobs, has to demonstrate some initial commitment and dedication, although fathers can do their share of co-parenting, to relieve mum, when not too bummed themselves!) decided to tinker with their homechemistry lab, for a bit of fun, and trying to get refreshed, as the potion had had this effect before, and instead of refreshment, she got turned into a lumbering female Frankenstein monster, which effect, thankfully, soon wore off while Mortimer and Cassandra still found themselves at work and school: he has the job of science teacher, btw!)... So you have to watch that messing with chemistry sets: sometimes you get weird side-effects: another one with a chemistry set even got fined for releasing toxic fumes into the neighbourhood!) But Bella's monstrous, if temporary, transformation, seems as close I have got so far to anything weird, like an alien abduction! Talk about "weird Sim science", lol!

I still haven't found out yet how to upload webshots, so unfortunately I cannot send pictures of any of this yet! ;-P

P.S. On Sims update: breaking news - just happened today! My first Sims alien abduction - omg, little Cassandra Goth, on waking up in the middle of the night, after a quick toilet dash and her usual minimal (A+) study, decided to use their home telescope, on her 2nd floor balcony, to gaze at the stars... Omg, amateur astronomy seems possibly as dangerous as amateur chemistry, because, while Mortimer and Bella rattled around downstairs, fixing breakfast (as you do!) they suddenly heard screams emanating from above, ran up to check on Cassandra, and broke down in tears when they found her missing, and the telescope deserted... I quit, and did not save, unsure as to whether the "alien abduction" effect has permanence, like the Grim Reaper effect, or remains only temporary, like the Frankenstein monster effect! ;-P

P.P.S. (Meta-game reflection): Still too scared to go near the Mozart family for a while, as sickness seems to have got a hold, via Wolfi Junior, so maybe they need quarantining? Maybe this also amounts to a hint, from the game itself, to start developing the "Hot Date" scenarios with the singles, as the families have reached, or reach, their maximum potential at this stage? ;-p


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