Wednesday, September 20, 2006

R.I.P. carved Indian peace-pipe :-((

My carved Indian (from India) old faithful peace-pipe just died on me last night, i.e. it still sucked, but I could not screw the bowl back on to the stem after cleaning, and the main requirement of a working pipe, which sounds pornographic, I know (!) seems that it must both screw AND suck; if it doesn't suck, then, like a vacuum cleaner, it sucks! ;-P

So now I find myself in the market for a new pipe, and the only tobacconist around here that stocks them won't get any till Friday (when it will receive quite a big shipment!) - but in the meantime, I would suffer pipe-deprivation, and must smoke rollies, which I have never done well!... ;-P

So I also went to the bong shop, to see if they had anything in the way of ordinary tobacco pipes, and they had a couple, not much, and their normal ones seemed way too dear, much dearer than in the tobacconist's, so I got a baby corn cob, which doesn't screw (too young to screw? lol), but hopefully it will suck, temporarily, until Friday; and a weird little smoke (from Missouri, USA) it seems too... Funnily enough, Josh's father thought he could see me as an old lady smoking one of those, and I thought him tripping, at the time! lol

And they declare pipe-smoking bad for you, but so far I have outlived all my pipes, so stick that in your pipe and smoke it (as the 10 of Wands in the Voodoo Tarot would say)! lol

Sims update: my second alien abduction, and this time I saw it with my own eyes - Bella Goth, nurse, average job performance, with above-average logic rating, got into a little amateur astronomy, and, while gazing at the stars late at night through their telescope on the 2nd floor balcony, got well and truly "beamed up, Scotty!" Eek! OK, in the interests of "weird science", let us hold it right there, and see how Mortimer does, holding the fort as an average science teacher (with potential to get into a little "weird chemistry" of his own, in Cassandra's 2nd floor kitchenette)...

Cassandra seems no longer a super-kid, btw, rather a "bad little kid" in her "bad little kid" T-shirt, with no interest in either weird chemistry or astronomy...

The Mozarts, however, continue to do well in their new residence, after I resurrected them from their double tragedy (both parents died, one fatal night, of that wandering sickness-virus I told you about, which actually haunted what little sleep I had that night of the "heavenly insomnia"!)... They had a back-from-the-dead party, and rock on - although the hamster died, in the family room (no longer the kid's bedroom, in case their deaths did get caused by an allergy to the hamster!), despite the continued best attentions of A+ Wolfi Junior, so maybe the hamster did carry the fatal virus, in which case, good riddance to bad rubbish? (And maybe they can get a decent pet, when I graduate to Sims with Unleashed Pets?) lol

P.P.S. Yes, in the interests of "weird science", Bella did live to tell of her weird alien-abduction tale (or not!), and came back from her gazing experience with renewed super-powers to repair both little Cassandra's computer (when it went bung!) and the dish-washer, which flooded... So, if she remains a stay-at-home mum after all this, who cares? She will have a wealth of experience to relate, to whoever listens.... ;-))


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