Monday, September 25, 2006

Future possibilities of weird digital technology?

Reflecting on the weird things I have seen displayed on my TV screen lately:

(1) the TV still on in the morning, because I basically only put it on late at night to help me to get to sleep, and sometimes someone is reading the news on SBS in Japanese or Russian, or something, only the newsreader looks like a Sim!

(2) Sims scenarios I have not created, let alone saved, playing themselves out wildly on the TV screen, in disaster mode, because uncontrolled by any me at the helm, as "Big Brother/Sister", i.e. fires, houses burning to the ground, war scenes, Sims dying all over the place, etc., as will happen if you leave the game at all unattended; then of course, if left on inadvertently, you always have the option to quit and not save, but when these unsolicited Sims scenarios appear in the corner of my TV screen (or sometimes, more hypnagogically, hologrammatically and mysteriously in the reflected light of my Chinese Buddha ball on the ceiling), you have no control over them, because you never initiated them anyway, and they just fade into the ethers again when you switch the TV or the Buddha ball off... What happens exactly, in these cases, I have no idea, because I usually find myself in a hypnagogic state anyway, and therefore fairly befuddled, and in a quasi-dream-like state anyway...

Help! the Sims have invaded or possessed my TV (not to mention my mind)? But how can they do this in the first place? Since I have turned the computer off, saved such games as I wanted to save, and only left the TV on, to go to sleep... But why should the TV and computer communicate with each other anyway, when neither of them seems particularly communicating with me? Why should the computer in particular communicate anything at all when switched off? (Who said computers did not have their own binary-bit dreams, when in their downtime, switched-off mode? If our brains resemble computers in some ways, why should computers also not resemble our dreaming brains? Deep questions indeed, for the cognitive scientists and AI practitioners among us to ponder, on the cutting edge between psychology, philosophy and computer science/sci fi, here?)

On the practical, or mundane level, I realise it suggests a possibility of captured little animated webshots of live Sims scenarios, and playing them as little animated movies on my TV, although how to do this, I have not the foggiest, at the moment...

Josh possibly has some clues, since he did play a DVD once from my DVD drive directly on to my TV, but I have no idea how he actually did this, and he seemed like a cool computer wizard or magician, at the time!

Somehow it seems related to the fact that I have the computer and TV connected physically to the same power socket in the wall? ;-P


Blogger Ansur said...

Ahh, the sensual electric dreams of computers.

Dreaming of warmth, of never being turned off, of gentle fingers on their keyboards. Dreaming of sentience, dreaming of control—like human beings. Dreaming of zeros and ones and logic that is fuzzy so they, like us, can communicate with the illogical. Glowing dreams of possible future superiority where wars are not between the organic units but between the organics and the machines.


12:25 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

Beautifully imaginative, Ansur! You get my drift completely ;-))

6:49 am  

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