Saturday, September 09, 2006

Daija View: Pluto... an archetype in transition

Pluto a Planet? Or Not? How does this affect us Astrologically?...

Pluto, if you've noticed, they have redefined as a "dwarf planet." According to the new definition, we define a planet as a celestial body that (a) has an orbit around the sun, (b) has enough mass to be nearly round and (c) dominates its orbit. The astronomers have tried to define only what "planet" means in our own solar system, without considering planets around other stars. The new resolution also defines a class of "dwarf planets" that meet the first two criteria above, but not the last. This class includes Pluto as well as a slightly larger object known as 2003 UB313 discovered in 2005 (Sedna, now Pluto's bigger sister, not little?), and probably several other icy bodies in the Kuiper Belt beyond Neptune. It also includes Ceres, the biggest of the rocky asteroids circling the sun between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

So astrologically, what exactly does all this scientific hype mean? What should we do with Pluto's demoted dwarfed status? Actually, nothing. ...Pluto dwarfed or not, truly acts like what he represents. Not satisfied in the physical, trying desperately to return to his 'spiritual or supernatural status' of nothing vs. something. Of course many people may feel uncomfortable because one of the facts we felt sure of -- that we have nine planets in our solar system -- they have suddenly taken away. Actually, astronomers have disputed Pluto's status as a planet for years, and that disagreement came to a head when they discovered Pluto-sized 2003 UB313 last year, in 2005. Did this new object also amount to a planet, or something else? The debate led to the classification of both Pluto and the new object as dwarf planets. The new system seems more likely to last. We now have four small rocky planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars) and four large gas planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune). The asteroid belt separates the two groups. In addition we have a number of dwarf planets, comets and other smaller objects in the outer region called the Kuiper Belt. Astronomers expect to discover several other dwarf planets in the next few years. Many of these objects seem to most likely represent debris left over from the formation of the solar system. If they taught you a particular phrase to help in remembering nine planets in order, such as "My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas," you may wonder what phrase to use now. Astronomy Professor Phyllis Lugger at Indiana University suggests the following: "My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nachos."

So astrologically, what shall we do with Pluto's demoted dwarfed status? Actually, nothing, in my professional opinion, because Pluto has ruled Scorpio since 1930 or so, and because astrologically, we've also given Pluto an archetypical personality to coincide with the constellation associated with the 8th house. That personality represents transition-transformation and the desire of moving from the form of mass in the physical to the form of spirit -- which of course equates to our natural essence of being. This personality while needing or desiring you to see it while here on this earth, in physical form... never exits from the true status of SPIRIT or etherial, as in supernatural/spiritual. Pluto dwarfed or not, truly acts like what he represents -- not satisfied in the physical, trying desperately to return to his spiritual or supernatural status with the perpetual tension of nothing versus something. Yet, while here in life playing his flute, he physically hides behind a secretive bigger-than-life HUMAN ego that tends to erupt secretly, or behind closed doors. More often than not, especially seen in throes of passion, for example, in the bedroom, this personality expresses via extraordinary sweaty exhaustive displays that could take a variety of twists and turns while on our human way to the heights of carnal satisfaction. No wonder I've been skeptical of the Scorpian Nature -- even my own! We all have a little bit of Scorpio in our nature to some degree or another. And if you're a true blue Scorpio Sun personality, that seems pretty awesome. Removing Pluto, and replacing Mars, as your planetary ruler will guarantee only that you now will become only the second hottest Red Hot Lover of the Zodiac! Western astrology altered tradition and replaced Mars with Pluto as the ruler of Scorpio. So does this mean for all you hot and passionate Scorpios out there that you suddenly have lost your energy, sensuality, or karma considerations? Heavens no! In fact to the contrary. Pluto, astrologically and astronomically recognized as the ninth planet -- or reduced to status of dwarf doesn't change the solar system at all, nor does it affect the archetype of the 8th house, astrologically. The 8th house still seems where your greatest transformation takes place, and in every way, especially spiritually and physically, while present on this planet earth. I plan to replace Pluto with Mars, as the ruler for Scorpio, returning to traditional astrology. And in so doing, my dear tantalizing Scorpios this will only enhance your natural desires for change, and of course, make you all that much actively Hotter and more intense and even with more robust activity in the process! Cool your jets, and relax. . . you've still Got it per se, and there's no need for Cialis or Valentra, just yet!


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