Sunday, August 27, 2006

Nice one, Pies!!!

Looks like today's Tarot of the Princess of Wands (Petro Hounsis, Voodoo Tarot, see link in sidebar) may have helped Collingwood resoundingly put the last nail in the coffin of wooden-spooners Carlton, and today's cyber-Tarot of the 5 of Wands (Petro Ogoun, i.e. Fiery Warrior, q.v.) also signifies a battle worth fighting on....i.e. soldier on, Pies!!! You have not lost everything, yet!!! GO, PIES!!! Pies seem horrible when cold, but when hot, NOTHING beats them!!! Shame about my hero Alan Didak (normally Mr Footy Q, as opposed to IQ, or EQ) having to take a short holiday, too long at this time of the year, though... ;-P


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