Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Counselling stuff ;-P

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23 August 2006
Victorian Government Says "No" To The Regulation Of The Counselling Industry
After 3-years research and investigation, the Victorian Department of Human Services brought to a conclusion the possibility of a regulated model for the Counselling Profession, in the State, and Nationally.
The nature of Counselling results in very few complaints being brought against Counsellors. Counselling, as opposed to Psychotherapy, is more about empowering clients to make their own decisions....

...and yay to that, might I add? lol

Strange thoughts about gravity

I had strange thoughts about gravity, coming home from Gawith Villa this arvo, and watching Colin do his usual gravity-defying, leaning-tower-of-Pisa thing: on the tram, it occurred to me, gravity seems the most negligent of forces, at the sub-atomic level, BECAUSE gravity only = a bending of the space-time continuum around objects of mass (Einstein), AND at the sub-atomic level, objects, if any, look very tiny and don't take up much space, hence the negligibility of tiny, sub-atomic, so-called 'particles', even at the so-called sub-atomic level!

I don't really get all this What the Bleep stuff, but then neither did Niels Bohr...hehe! lol (But maybe in some deep and synchronous way this blog post contributes to an ultimate 'Theory of Everything'? hehe).... Welcome, all you slouching buddhas, to comment on this post, and a lotus to every single, one of you coming buddhas! ;-))

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Nice one, Pies!!!

Looks like today's Tarot of the Princess of Wands (Petro Hounsis, Voodoo Tarot, see link in sidebar) may have helped Collingwood resoundingly put the last nail in the coffin of wooden-spooners Carlton, and today's cyber-Tarot of the 5 of Wands (Petro Ogoun, i.e. Fiery Warrior, q.v.) also signifies a battle worth fighting on....i.e. soldier on, Pies!!! You have not lost everything, yet!!! GO, PIES!!! Pies seem horrible when cold, but when hot, NOTHING beats them!!! Shame about my hero Alan Didak (normally Mr Footy Q, as opposed to IQ, or EQ) having to take a short holiday, too long at this time of the year, though... ;-P

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

At last! The Absinthe Bourgeois 'Chat Noir'.

They recently added one of the most striking and charming of all absinthe images to the Virtual Museum - the famous poster for Absinthe Bourgeois, showing a black cat enjoying a glass of the company's product. These posters have tremendous rarity, but recently someone found a few in almost mint conditions still in their original art nouveau frames, as part of a cache of original documentation from the old Bourgeois factory. Link to the Virtual Absinthe Museum here:  Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

An updated Tarot reading on the Middle East, as requested by Josh ;-))

I will stick to my beloved Voodoo Tarot of New Orleans (cross-referenced with the Tarot of Ceremonial Magick), since I don't even LIKE my own Tarot any more, although I still regard it as a valuable learning exercise; on the K.I.S.S. principle, I will keep it down to four cards, one for each leader, and one for the probable outcome... ;-))

Very weird cards... As in the previous reading (by Sepand), they contain no fire, and this time, no Major arcana, either!

1. Ehud Olment (Israeli leader) - 10 of Pentacles: very materialistic, and concerned with security needs for the future; busy stockpiling; needs awareness that that spoils, which one does not put to good use! i.e. things can go off under his nose, as he busily collects them. Extraordinary wealth and material prosperity, accumulated over many years. He should recycle his wealth by acquisitions and philanthropy, i.e. use it for the betterment of the conditions of his people (and others?), not destruction. If properly applied, true wisdom and happiness.

2. Hasim Nasrallah (Hezbollah leader) - 6 of Pentacles: a childlike or childish person, the trickster in this situation, making mischief, up to no good (and presumably not in the relatively harmless way of small children!), i.e. a child playing with matches, only a bigger box than children normally have access to! Investment of labour or resources results in high yields. A settling down. Temporary success.

3. Foud Siniora (Lebanese leader) - Page of Swords: the most rational person in this scenario; wisdom in the handling of material affairs, well able to carry trust and responsibility, ability to translate dreams into physical reality, cleverness, firmness and aggressiveness. Can find himself anxiety-ridden, crushed by responsibilities, especially those of the family. He should learn that sometimes it seems alright to abandon responsibilities, and cast all cares to the winds!

4. Probable or likely outcome, based on present energies - Page of Cups: a certain idealistic romanticism seems in the air; perhaps Siniora can realise his dreams of a lasting ceasefire after all? A symbiotic relationship: these three need each other more than meets the eye. All seems "sweetness and light" for the moment!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Today's Tarot: from my Tarot - arcanum X, "astral fortuna"

The thought behind this one, based on the TV program Wheel of Fortune, and the Melbourne movie Angel which based itself in turn on that, seems that too many synchronicities can amount to a bad thing! Note tiles spelling out letters of the name Adriana, in this sketch of the shrine dedicated to her ;-)) Posted by Picasa

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