Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Happy Mayan New Year and volunteer birthday to me!!!

Woo hoo! Today, just as I had got into the groove of the Mayan New Year of the Red Magnetic Moon, after welcoming it in and celebrating it last night, and we lined up for Katrina's 2nd (Gawith) cake, at lunchtime at Gawith, the volunteer coordinators came in to tell me I had passed my 2nd milestone as a volunteer there, so I unofficially/officially co-celebrated also with Katrina and Gazza (who shared a birthday, exactly 10 years apart, on Saturday). I felt almost as spoilt rotten as Katrina herself, since her worker Brygida not only remembered to pick me up a meat lovers' pizza at Bakers' Delight, but also kindly refused to let me pay for it, and I also felt thoroughly stuffed after not one, but two pieces of birthday cake! How could I not have remembered beginning something as momentous as volunteering, and thereby starting a whole new life, and lifestyle, on such a momentous and awesome day as this? Whatever... since my 5oth birthday in April turned into such a huge anticlimax, despite the kind attentions of Sebi afterwards and the beautiful gift from Bjorn Erik, much afterwards, I have decided that this means my real birthday must now take place on July 26th, since I got somehow mysteriously "born again" 2 years ago. So, while I may find myself still a toddler, maybe I can look forward to having a second everything, second childhood, second adolescence, and...who knows? Unfortunately, I also share this new birthday with John Howard, so they tell me, but I feel more people will shrug and say, "Who cares?" to that one. So now this former sidereal Pisces has turned around and become a sidereal Cancer (still soppy and watery, though, so I guess I can still claim the King of Cups as my Tarot card!) lol

In fact, just to remind myself of this momentous red-letter day also for next year, why don't I go and update my profile to that effect right now? lol

(No, becoming "born again" does not mean I have become one of those creepy fundamentalist types, as I did in my previous adolescence... or, at least, not until my next adolescence, due in about 17 years, aged 67? lol)

Maybe this happens when you have a beautiful Jupiter lurking in the wings, in the 12th house, in Cancer (i.e. exalted in the sign and accidentally dignified in the house)? hehe


Blogger Medusa161 said...

What a wonderful and memorable day, sis.

Way to go!

5:21 pm  
Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...


It's nice to finally comment on this blog post, as I've now read it a couple of times. It is chock-full of the personal and the epic, so let's deal with one thing at a time, shall we ? And shall we consider the Mayan energy involved in the creation of the situation ? Oh, oh ! It's about the SIMS ! Major guilt trip coming on. I don't think I'll even go there...

Maybe I should even leave finishing this comment another time, then, huh ? Sorry !


3:43 am  

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