Saturday, June 17, 2006

My latest blog discovery...or why Mike Scott spent so long in Ireland? hehe

Mike Scott and the Waterboys' blog: this = what they originally intended blogs for, imho!!! And Ken should especially check out Mike's post on "what I heard in Duncan's fiddle", for the Scottish dimension!!!

My apologies to the Waterboys: I did complain on their blog that I could not access their songs directly from here, but The Stolen Child roars out from my speakers, as we speak!!! hehe

*with a fairy hand in hand
with a world more full of weeping
than you can understand...* ;-))

The best band in the world, according to the Living Scotsman: a really insightful article here, and beautifully illustrating the living Celtic (competitive) alliance! hehe *fervently and devoutly drinks to that* (the Celtic blood in me will drink to any Irish/Scottish worthy cause! hehe)


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