Friday, June 30, 2006

Liber Intranaut illustrations (4)

1) Octarine pod (a bit "cartoony" and manga-style, but I like how I rendered the opalescent sheen of the soap bubbles, and delicate background in soft pastel) ;-))
2) Yellow pod (only one painted on a board, during art group at Gawith villa, intended as a tribute to both the visual and poetic arts, incorporating the poem by A. O. Spare as a kind of text melange; the hand might do in black and white as a kind of alchemical, thumbnail logo, for the rest of the text?)

P.S. Had a very vivid dream last night (Blue Magnetic night: good night for dreaming!): Mick Malthouse (Collingwood coach) proposing to me, and gently seducing me by licking/kissing me all over... He did not seem that bad really, and only 3 years older than I!

Interpretation: More passionate about football than BEP at present, i.e. football as erotic displacement....d'uh! What else seems new? lol

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