Friday, June 30, 2006

Liber Intranaut illustrations (3)

1) Spirit, dragon or fairy tree, as observed in Green pod (I couldn't get in nearly everything I could see, but it gives the idea of interrelationships also with unseen entities, as well as seen?)
2) Heart of Green pod (don't know if I really captured the afternoon tranquillity of this pool)
3) Ochosi (Voodoo hunter loa) in Red pod: drafted this in Photoshop before painting it - circle of stones basically a truncated Stonehenge, and I do feel pleased with how the stones look "alive", and each have individual character (a personal favorite - want to keep this one!) ;-))
4) Purple pod (started off as the entrance to Green pod, did not get democratically elected as too abrupt and precipitous for the gentler Green pod, so it got turned into a passionate beach scene instead, incorporating "pillar of water", as opposed to pillar of fire?

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