Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ansur would love this...

...I woke up this morning thinking of zebras, for some strange reason (possibly something to do with the low-grade fever-deliria or full-moon dreams of the loooooong weekend!): how zebras seem surely one of the little cock-ups of the Creationist "God" of evolution: lovely creature, the zebra, beautiful markings, surely designed to live among leaves and grass - but in black and white? It would have to find itself able to run very fast, to escape - but then I have never known a zebra to escape a cheetah, have you? lol

Obviously these "dark" thoughts also relate to the ascendancy of the Demons over the black and white Magpies this dreaded month of the 6/6/06: what did I expect, indeed? My Collingwood magick needs recharging... ;-P

The only good news seems that the Demons obviously mistook the Magpies for fundies (black-and-white world-view): that will learn me for barracking for them against the Saints, weekend before last!


Blogger Ansur said...

Actually Zebras come out gray! But Tarzan paints black and white stripes on them. Thought you might want to know this!


12:09 am  

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