Friday, June 30, 2006

First 4 Liber Intranaut illustrations

1) "Endless Mind", as requested by Su (note tiny little "help" in corner
2) Introducing Chaostation: bit of a challenge, doing an organic tesseract, as curled-up spider!
3)Inside the Hub: had to do it from above, to get in the entrances to all the pods
4) Sigils of Hub and all pods, incorporating Auxiliary room, as pendant
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Liber Intranaut illustrations (2)

1) Black pod (synchronicistically entitled "Ghost Dance" by ska music program on 3PBS FM!)
2) Blue pod (or "doll's house, or sandpit massacre": thought it needed a sandtray, a staple of every play therapist, and got carried away, playing! lol)
3) Orange pod (had to incorporate my own Yahoo! literati avatar here, as Orange pod worked especially well for me here!)
4) entrance to Green pod (as decided democratically by a straw poll of fellow campers in the Upper Yarra Valley

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Liber Intranaut illustrations (3)

1) Spirit, dragon or fairy tree, as observed in Green pod (I couldn't get in nearly everything I could see, but it gives the idea of interrelationships also with unseen entities, as well as seen?)
2) Heart of Green pod (don't know if I really captured the afternoon tranquillity of this pool)
3) Ochosi (Voodoo hunter loa) in Red pod: drafted this in Photoshop before painting it - circle of stones basically a truncated Stonehenge, and I do feel pleased with how the stones look "alive", and each have individual character (a personal favorite - want to keep this one!) ;-))
4) Purple pod (started off as the entrance to Green pod, did not get democratically elected as too abrupt and precipitous for the gentler Green pod, so it got turned into a passionate beach scene instead, incorporating "pillar of water", as opposed to pillar of fire?

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Liber Intranaut illustrations (4)

1) Octarine pod (a bit "cartoony" and manga-style, but I like how I rendered the opalescent sheen of the soap bubbles, and delicate background in soft pastel) ;-))
2) Yellow pod (only one painted on a board, during art group at Gawith villa, intended as a tribute to both the visual and poetic arts, incorporating the poem by A. O. Spare as a kind of text melange; the hand might do in black and white as a kind of alchemical, thumbnail logo, for the rest of the text?)

P.S. Had a very vivid dream last night (Blue Magnetic night: good night for dreaming!): Mick Malthouse (Collingwood coach) proposing to me, and gently seducing me by licking/kissing me all over... He did not seem that bad really, and only 3 years older than I!

Interpretation: More passionate about football than BEP at present, i.e. football as erotic displacement....d'uh! What else seems new? lol

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

My latest blog discovery...or why Mike Scott spent so long in Ireland? hehe

Mike Scott and the Waterboys' blog: this = what they originally intended blogs for, imho!!! And Ken should especially check out Mike's post on "what I heard in Duncan's fiddle", for the Scottish dimension!!!

My apologies to the Waterboys: I did complain on their blog that I could not access their songs directly from here, but The Stolen Child roars out from my speakers, as we speak!!! hehe

*with a fairy hand in hand
with a world more full of weeping
than you can understand...* ;-))

The best band in the world, according to the Living Scotsman: a really insightful article here, and beautifully illustrating the living Celtic (competitive) alliance! hehe *fervently and devoutly drinks to that* (the Celtic blood in me will drink to any Irish/Scottish worthy cause! hehe)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Hey, how come I find myself well and truly back in the "drop bears'" club?  Posted by Picasa

the fate of Robin Fletcher, evil black witch extraordinaire,5478,19451810^661,00.html

WOO HOO! Victoria soon to catch up with (almost) the rest of Australia? Our full moon magick, i.e. Victorian pagankind united, actually achieved something this time? hehe ;-))

Ansur would love this...

...I woke up this morning thinking of zebras, for some strange reason (possibly something to do with the low-grade fever-deliria or full-moon dreams of the loooooong weekend!): how zebras seem surely one of the little cock-ups of the Creationist "God" of evolution: lovely creature, the zebra, beautiful markings, surely designed to live among leaves and grass - but in black and white? It would have to find itself able to run very fast, to escape - but then I have never known a zebra to escape a cheetah, have you? lol

Obviously these "dark" thoughts also relate to the ascendancy of the Demons over the black and white Magpies this dreaded month of the 6/6/06: what did I expect, indeed? My Collingwood magick needs recharging... ;-P

The only good news seems that the Demons obviously mistook the Magpies for fundies (black-and-white world-view): that will learn me for barracking for them against the Saints, weekend before last!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Scrying update (see post on feng shui/geomancy update, below!)

>Scrying has always been a fascination of mine, basically cause I can't seem to see a damn thing. I have tried mirrors, water, flame...

I had not had any success with these at all, either, or perhaps not the "calm self" required, but this afternoon I could share with my friend Usch that I have in fact made some little progress with the Buddha-ball: besides the initial visions of Marie Laveau (Voodoo queen and original High Priestess of New Orleans, no less! See post on "feng shui/geomancy update" below), I have since actually seen and conversed with Papa Legba himself through the medium of the ball, and I also had a vision of the Prince of Disks, when I got that card one morning, although he did not seem so chatty, rather dull and boring, and a bit sad, in fact... I don't know who to expect tomorrow morning (scrying works best after morning Tarot meditation for me), but as I have the Justice card, I wonder if Agwe (normally Lord of the Ocean Deeps) might appear in his guise as Loup Garou (the Wolf of the Forest)... But I really have no idea who or what to expect; I find you cannot force the spirits to appear, and they come and go as they damn well please! Also I had to set aside my expectations (from previous reading) about things going cloudy, and then black etc., because I just don't get all that! I just look at the ball, and straight away the configuration of bubbles looks different, and has formed into something else, sometimes morphing again within the space of the session. So, besides having a "calm mind", I think the key to scrying amounts to setting aside your expectations, and letting come whatever will present itself; at least, I have fun with it this way, and Usch reckons it a good sign that I have "clicked into it" this way! ;-))

(Quite the opposite of ceremonial magick, I expect, which "commands" highly specific spirits to appear on demand! Scrying seems about feeling blessed by whomsoever deigns to appear... ;-)) )

>Thinking about this , I guess it is possible to recognise a lunar and a solar mode of divination; in lunar modes, one tries to obtain the answer through a medium (as in scrying) or an oracle , in other words one does not try to "look" into subconscious mind but trusts it to give the right answer in a rather general way, in a solar mode one tries to evoke a symbol of the object of study and examines it directly, lacks the overall understanding that lunar modes can offer but good for investigation of details. Now if Horus has two eyes representing sun and moon, would it be a good idea to try a lunar divination first and "interpret" the answer using a rather solar mode? (Though I feel that in a sense the solar eye corresponds to the modes we described as lunar and vice versa)

Hmm, interesting thoughts indeed, Pasha; thanks for sharing!!! Since I obviously gravitate towards the more lunar modes, perhaps no wonder that the scrying visions tie in so strongly with my preferred oracle (Voodoo Tarot of New Orleans)... Actually, lunar light represents the reflected light of the sun anyway, so I can see no difference between lunar and solar modes, really... Or maybe, with the Justice card as my card of the day, I should try, in a solar way, for a more balanced appreciation of both? Horus (the hawk) has also flown into my medicine wheel this month... ;-))

Monday, June 05, 2006

My own Tarot card

My own Tarot card, the King of Cups, in the Fantastic Menagerie Tarot (from this
month's newsletter of the Association of Tarot Studies)
and don't you love it how Collingwood finally broke the Brisbane hoodoo on Saturday, in the grand final replay, and we won, despite finding ourselves low on numbers??? ;-))
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