Wednesday, May 17, 2006

They hav vays of making us oldies work...

...even as we apply for the grass widow's pension.... they keep us busy with volunteer work, hehe

My mission in life = to annoy the crap out of the CEO (Geelong supporter....see you next week, Kevin!)... and everyone else? lmao

That = after diplomatically dancing my way around Collingwood's loss to keyworker Brygita's Weagles... *We'll meet again/don't know where, don't know when/but I know some sunny day we'll meet again* (Vera Lynn, sweetheart to the armed forces, WWII) ;-P

Like Davo (in da house), I love the smell of goanna oil in the morning!

Take your dog,
take your ferret,
take your Komodo dragon....

the song I did not get to sing to my beloved (Norwegian national anthem, this poignant 17th May...egads! I should find myself on the streets of Bergen, waving tiny red-white-and-blue flags):

*yes, we love this country,
as it rises proud,
covered with pines, over the water, and bittened by weather,
with the thousand homes.
We love, we love, and think
of our fathers and mothers
and the saga-nights that sink
dreams upon our earth....*

(freelance translation of Norwegian national anthem)

Hopefully, it does not leave a dry eye in the house, as usual...Translation = a dicky enterprise, at best, half science, and half art? ;-))

And...o O...the innerness of a squirrel... also in my animal medicine wheel this month:


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

Fun and 'interactive' blog post, Claire. I'm glad I watched "The Glass House" though, to make some sense of it ! Hehehe

1:52 pm  

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