Thursday, May 04, 2006

Leo rising
Robust energy prevails toward ongoing change along with frequent upsets in status quo until the 15th, when sudden breakthroughs open new paths. You begin to learn more about yourself spiritually when you are forced to deal with personal and relational challenges. No doubt you'll find the perfect solution for everything challenging in your path. Like magic, you'll define and refine your situation recreating something so much better than you could have imagined, bringing about a new balance in your life. After the 21st you readjust your expectations, and ride the wave of accomplishment! Spiritual Blessing: Remember that you = human, yet, with GOD all things seem possible!!!

Sad, but true.... "Old man Colin (Jenkins)," just turned 50 shortly after I did, i.e. a fellow Monkey, born in the same 'hot' year, 1956, fades more and more visibly in the afternoons: an accelerated aging process, due to his disability condition, and not the medication, according to his key worker Peter. Now I, on the other hand, continue to enjoy wickedly "robust energy", and not even "young Heather", exactly half our age at 25, would dare call me "old Claire", but continues to call me "young Claire", i.e. flattery will get her everywhere!!! lol

Or does that just amount to a side-effect of today's Tarot, the Queen of Cups: in the Tarot of Ceremonial Magick, courtesy of my kind friend Sebi's birthday present: "Beware of flattery; others see only themselves in you", lol!


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