Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Latest word from Norway, and feng shui/geomancy update

Of course, receiving this today overjoyed me again:
So I will also try (again) to ring him tonight, and hope the phone works this time! Cross fingers

I also wish you could see my magical laughing "wealth Buddha" fountain I just bought today. It consists of a seated laughing Buddha with a money sack over his shoulder, surrounded by lucky Chinese coins, behind a little rotating glass sphere, containing holographic bubbles, and lit up in four colours from below... It really looks quite magickal, especially as the room gets darker, and I wonder if I might also use the ball as a scrying ball, if someone can teach me to scry? ;-))

I have felt the "water" sector of my feng shui bagua as so 'dead' since the other (rose quartz) fountain no longer worked, but I feel this little feature skilfully combines the elements of water and earth (it also corresponds to the earthy, southern quarter of my circle), so I could not resist it when I saw it in a Chinese bargain shop today... The lights and water sound should also have the effect of raising the "chi" in that previously "dead" sector. I have surrounded it with rose quartz and amethyst crystals from my last fountain, and put the original rose quartz block and corresponding polished sphere on my altar, in the centre of the pentagram... Nice start to the new lunar month of the Crystal Rabbit, eh? I also managed to manifest a rabbit in my medicine wheel, as first animal "cab off the rank" last night... Even though no new Tarot card has turned up from, the fountain also corresponds quite nicely with the prevailing rune of Lagu (=water) ;-))

>Scrying through a ball? Do you really do this in traditional way? I mean as we know by mythological mages.

I will learn, Sepand. Initial attempt tonight, after consecration, cleansing and empowering (the old CCE!) looks promising; at first, I thought it would work if I looked at the ball in a mirror, but that did not yield results; when I just looked directly at the ball, I did start to see quite graphic, and even holographic, images in it, and they did talk to me! Woohoo!! And I rang Bjorn Erik in Norway, and bingo! we connected, and I told him that, whereas he wanted a telescope "to transform matter", I thought this little Buddha-ball more promising, hehe ;-))

>What is the material of your scrying ball?

Dunno, Sepand: basically glass, with little holographic bubbles kind of embedded in it, which give off amazing effects with the little coloured lights playing through them from below... From a distance, like now, when I sit at my desk, they tend to form a question mark (hehe!), but closer up, from my meditation stool, before my altar, they start morphing into weird, and quite encouraging images, e.g. the High Priestess, Marie Laveau herself (Voodoo Queen of New Orleans!) scrying into a ball, and then blowing out the candles on her birthday cake... Divinatory meaning: Bjorn Erik goes shopping for a belated 50th birthday present for me on Friday, and will send it??? Awww.... ;-))

I also saw a weird image of basically a skull/death's head, with a kind of white Father Christmas beard and red Santa Claus hat, i.e. death, and old age, ride on the Yuletide wind? ;-P

And I sang Bjorn Erik, on the telephone tonight, not the Norwegian national anthem, as I had hoped, on the 17th of May (Norwegian national day), but my 10 of Pentacles power song from my musical Tarot:

*when I get older
losing my hair
many years from now
will you still be sending me a Valentine,
birthday greetings,
bottle of wine?*(Beatles, When I'm 64)... A 10 of Pentacles power moment? ;-))

I think I astral travelled today, when on a meditation/relaxation excursion with a Gawith Villa client: I don't know exactly where I went, but it seemed a long way back, coming back past buildings, along streets etc. All I know seems, while I found myself 'there', I found myself with Bjorn Erik in Norway, only we had both aged, with grey hair, wrinkles etc., sitting side by side together on a couch holding hands... Leave a comment (or stick your pin in my guest map!) ;-))

*who put the bomp in the bomp do wop,
who put the ram in the ram-a-lang-a-ding-dong?
who put the dip in the dip-di-dip-di-dip?
who was that man?
I'd like to shake his hand
he made my baby fall in love with me*
(Fool/Magician power song) ;-))


Blogger Ness said...

Hey nice traveling there - this is a familiar thing to me, the time-space travel, not that it happens that often.

The scrying ball reminds me of this pic I called the Joyful Progress of Ganesha!

6:18 am  

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