Sunday, May 07, 2006

A few words against the Nazi/gestapo/thought police

Reading the latest newsletter from the Association of Tarot Studes, on Certification and Codes of Ethics, I feel struck by the similarities of ethical and philosophical dilemmas it presents with those that have confronted me in my efforts to counsel the intellectually disabled at Gawith Villa; while I feel I did achieve some good results, on the individual and psychological level (with which counselling primarily concerns itself, because you have to find yourself there primarily for the client, not for any organisation, however well-intentioned), I found myself continually at loggerheads with what the I.S. ("individual support") social workers at Gawith would call "socio-role valoration theory" (SRV), which now seems to me, in the light of the above article, nothing more nor less than a thinly disguised Kantian categorical imperative, i.e. "only do what you can generalise to all individuals and all situations". At first I thought it exciting, and a whole new dimension to counselling, this interface between psychology and sociology (of which I know nothing, really!), but now I see that the aims of such social workers actually run counter to the aims of counsellors and psychologists (and their clients!), in that they seek to negate carefully tailored individual "solutions", come up with collaboratively and carefully by counsellor and client, with the application of general "rules", supposedly applicable to everybody! Now I know what to call these impossible binds they tried to put me and my clients in, when before I could only think of them, more pejoratively, as the "thought police", "Nazis" or "evil dark lords" of what literally amounts to "the other side" ("sitra achra" in Qabalistic Hebrew)! So, now I prefer to avoid this "other (dark) side" and just continue on my/our merry way as a general volunteer, at the coal-face of direct interactions with clients, as it were, and god/dess help us if our "inner children" should raise their heads, such that they attract the attention of this "other (dark) side"! *grr* (The "good guys", at the coalface, know when to turn a discreet blind eye to the "rules" of Kantian imperative "PCness"! And to think I once ardently supported "PCness" in all its forms! But now I think the PCness of the Nazi/gestapo/thought police anathema... *grr*

And, speaking of Nazi/gestapo/thought police, I just heard yesterday that George Dubya has just publically let the cat out of the bag and called the "war against terror" "WWIII", which Washington has officially avoided up to now. Sneaky one, George! We always knew we had a war on, but it does not seem like WWII, in which the enemy seemed clearly defined, and we knew clearly who and what we had to fight. We have always known that the war against terror = WWIII, but many of us represent the coalition of the unwilling, rather than the willing... Why would we want to go and fight (and die) for your silly interests? *grrr*


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

I think you may enjoy the book I am just finishing, which you said you would like to borrow, "Babel Tower", by A.S. Byatt. It raises some of the issues you bring up in this post.

Shame about the job though. I guess it would have been good to have a bit of extra cash, huh ?

8:26 pm  
Blogger asgif666 said...

Cash shmash, I despise cash...going for the widow's pension at the earliest available opportunity... Seriously, money does not figure high on my list of priorities ;-))

10:50 pm  

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