Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Channelling the Emperor (Aries/Tzaddi) with the help of the Tarot of Ceremonial Magick

"Not many people like me. But that seems only because they do not understand me. Sure, just about everyone has "issues" with me, as you say in your modern pop-psychological jargon. From the top of my tree deep in the forest, I look down and see a little Jack (Azaka, the labourer, in the Voodoo Tarot) hacking at the roots of my tree to bring me down in his rage (7 of Wands, Erzulie la Flambeau). But I laugh at his efforts, because it would take a thousand such Jacks to hack through the roots of my forest giant with their tiny pickaxes. Jack (Azaka) heaves a great 10 of Swords sigh, puts his pickaxe over his shoulder and goes off back home to begin another Sisyphean day tomorrow.
"You rarely see me face to face, but then you rarely see my estranged consort Ayizan (the Empress) face to face either, although you will know her as the sheltering motherly arms that embrace you in the dark of night, and the presence that fills your heart with Goddess-light on the darkest of mornings. She did not understand me, Loco, either. Therefore I had to flee to the woods, to dwell alone with the trees. But do you not get a sense of grandeur and mystery, splendour and holy presence when alone in the woods, looking up the trunk of one of my forest giants? You might call that the intimation of my presence, for I chose to dwell here, not only because the trees of my sacred grove and holy temple give me privacy (for in truth I equate to a very, very private god), but also because, in retreating to dwell high in their canopy, I now dwell that much closer to the starry heavens, that I also love. I stretch my arms wide to encompass them. Your ancestors did ill to come down from the trees. Ayizan prefers the earth and to walk (if veiled with frayed palm branches) among the women of the marketplace, but I feel at home here, with the trees and the starry canopy of sky.
"People have 'issues' with me because I represent the time that they, like Jack (Azaka), feared the father as giant, because he could so easily overpower them with his disproportionate advantage of size, and also put them to shame with his phallic splendour. They do not understand that I also have my own 'issues', going back to the time my own father (the first giant) dominated me. If you would feel compassion for the giant, as well as the Jacks (Azakas) of this world, read Lasher and Taltos of Anne Rice's Mayfair Witches chronicles. They chronicle the agonies and ecstasies of the giant, as well as of the little people, my equally misunderstood friends, who also dwell in secret in my forests, unknown.
"And remember, you all = little people from where I sit and watch you all, unseen!"

"Calder-Fluss talks about Schroedinger's intuition in the 1940s that genes were crystals - 'and there are the aperiodic crystals of the DNA in the double helix. And this raised, in Schroedinger's mind, the idea that life, organic life, feeds on both order - the aperiodic crystals - and also disorder - random atomic vibrations and collisions. And then we begin to see that the whole universe might be an information system - of messages flowing through crystals against parasitic noise - and human thought then becomes a way of transmitting order between parts of the universe - of informing it - '" A. S. Byatt, "Babel Tower", p. 251.

No dreams of note of late, except one fragment: a "fairy Tarot", incorporating suits of both Leaves and Valley (earth)... ;-))

And they say they have established a punishment room in the Big Brother house; I thought the "punishment room" any room where anyone watched Big Brother ;-P


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the card, to see why you associated the Emperor with a giant. It's good to see that the muses are still visiting you, anyway

11:44 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

More from the Voodoo (see Loco in Voodoo Tarot link in sidebar), plus the extremely tall tree, in that, also put me in mind of Jack and the Beanstalk (7 of Wands, Whimsical Tarot) ;-))

1:52 pm  

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