Wednesday, May 31, 2006

When you observe the squirrel in nature, they always seem busy, with an endless supply of energy. Seldom do you see a squirrel inactive. Focused on the task at hand, agile and quick, they constantly prepare for the future by gathering nuts and seeds for later use. Although they always prepare for what may come, they have a tendency to forget where they store things. The forgetfulness of squirrel serves as a reminder to those with this medicine to slow down, pay attention and to stop running frantically in several directions at once.

Squirrels, sociable and communicative, can seem quite vocal both in work and play. Sometimes their continual chatter disturbs the silence, which creates an air of distraction and chaos. If you find yourself disturbed by their constant chatter, Squirrel tells you to speak clearly and effectively or to go within and become still, depending on circumstances. Their gathering nature teaches those with this totem how to reserve energy and store things for future use, honoring the future and readying yourself for change.

Squirrel embodies the quality of trust, as one of the few animals that will eat out of a person's hand. This symbolizes a need to let down your defenses and learn to trust more. The issue of trust can play out in all areas of a person's life from personal intimacy to trusting Great Spirit. Because the squirrel always prepares, remember that Someone takes care of you!

Squirrel represents balance within the circle of gathering and giving out. If squirrel has scampered into your life, pay attention to the wisdom it has to offer you. Preparedness and survival skills can be learned from this powerful totem.

Really cute, and nutty, squirrel pic:

i.e. Squirrel can add more than just a touch of general "nuttiness" to your day, or month, as well!

Latest word from Norway, and feng shui/geomancy update

Of course, receiving this today overjoyed me again:
So I will also try (again) to ring him tonight, and hope the phone works this time! Cross fingers

I also wish you could see my magical laughing "wealth Buddha" fountain I just bought today. It consists of a seated laughing Buddha with a money sack over his shoulder, surrounded by lucky Chinese coins, behind a little rotating glass sphere, containing holographic bubbles, and lit up in four colours from below... It really looks quite magickal, especially as the room gets darker, and I wonder if I might also use the ball as a scrying ball, if someone can teach me to scry? ;-))

I have felt the "water" sector of my feng shui bagua as so 'dead' since the other (rose quartz) fountain no longer worked, but I feel this little feature skilfully combines the elements of water and earth (it also corresponds to the earthy, southern quarter of my circle), so I could not resist it when I saw it in a Chinese bargain shop today... The lights and water sound should also have the effect of raising the "chi" in that previously "dead" sector. I have surrounded it with rose quartz and amethyst crystals from my last fountain, and put the original rose quartz block and corresponding polished sphere on my altar, in the centre of the pentagram... Nice start to the new lunar month of the Crystal Rabbit, eh? I also managed to manifest a rabbit in my medicine wheel, as first animal "cab off the rank" last night... Even though no new Tarot card has turned up from, the fountain also corresponds quite nicely with the prevailing rune of Lagu (=water) ;-))

>Scrying through a ball? Do you really do this in traditional way? I mean as we know by mythological mages.

I will learn, Sepand. Initial attempt tonight, after consecration, cleansing and empowering (the old CCE!) looks promising; at first, I thought it would work if I looked at the ball in a mirror, but that did not yield results; when I just looked directly at the ball, I did start to see quite graphic, and even holographic, images in it, and they did talk to me! Woohoo!! And I rang Bjorn Erik in Norway, and bingo! we connected, and I told him that, whereas he wanted a telescope "to transform matter", I thought this little Buddha-ball more promising, hehe ;-))

>What is the material of your scrying ball?

Dunno, Sepand: basically glass, with little holographic bubbles kind of embedded in it, which give off amazing effects with the little coloured lights playing through them from below... From a distance, like now, when I sit at my desk, they tend to form a question mark (hehe!), but closer up, from my meditation stool, before my altar, they start morphing into weird, and quite encouraging images, e.g. the High Priestess, Marie Laveau herself (Voodoo Queen of New Orleans!) scrying into a ball, and then blowing out the candles on her birthday cake... Divinatory meaning: Bjorn Erik goes shopping for a belated 50th birthday present for me on Friday, and will send it??? Awww.... ;-))

I also saw a weird image of basically a skull/death's head, with a kind of white Father Christmas beard and red Santa Claus hat, i.e. death, and old age, ride on the Yuletide wind? ;-P

And I sang Bjorn Erik, on the telephone tonight, not the Norwegian national anthem, as I had hoped, on the 17th of May (Norwegian national day), but my 10 of Pentacles power song from my musical Tarot:

*when I get older
losing my hair
many years from now
will you still be sending me a Valentine,
birthday greetings,
bottle of wine?*(Beatles, When I'm 64)... A 10 of Pentacles power moment? ;-))

I think I astral travelled today, when on a meditation/relaxation excursion with a Gawith Villa client: I don't know exactly where I went, but it seemed a long way back, coming back past buildings, along streets etc. All I know seems, while I found myself 'there', I found myself with Bjorn Erik in Norway, only we had both aged, with grey hair, wrinkles etc., sitting side by side together on a couch holding hands... Leave a comment (or stick your pin in my guest map!) ;-))

*who put the bomp in the bomp do wop,
who put the ram in the ram-a-lang-a-ding-dong?
who put the dip in the dip-di-dip-di-dip?
who was that man?
I'd like to shake his hand
he made my baby fall in love with me*
(Fool/Magician power song) ;-))

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Hard Rock Hallelujah!

Despite the odd chills down the spine from Norway (one wonders why they bother competing each year!), Russia, Romania, Bosnia-Herzegovina and even Greece, attempting to do it twice, FINLAND really has us rocking (but so does the UKRAINE, CROATIA and ARMENIA... all the latter three scored points from me for the "get-up-and-dance" factor, and especially Armenia... I wished the whole world should dance to this beat!!!) Don't you love Eurovision? No matter how shamelessly political the voting every year, they still manage to turn out a different result every time... How do you calculate the mathematical odds? Europe seems on the original Highway to Hell this year though...... Thank you, Finland, again.......CHAOS RULES, AND ROCKS!!!
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Saturday, May 20, 2006

The inner, spiritual meaning of Aussie Quidditch Rules!

When the magick happens, it happens because of absolute TRUST in your teammates (cf. Squirrel medicine in my medicine wheel this month), i.e. trust that you can always find someone there, looking after you (Bucks consoling Alan Didak at the end of the 3rd quarter), which gives you extraordinary confidence in yourself (big grin on Leon Davis's face)
And "PIES ON FIRE" still translates to Ogoun La Flambeau (5 of Wands), in my Voodoo Tarot books, i.e. back from the wars, keep on fighting, never give up... the true Collingwood spirit!!!

Meanwhile, Geelong Cats can continue to choke on their own furballs... ;-))

The footy computer has unjammed... the stats flow thick and fast... and we have scored the largest score against Geelong (3rd oldest football team in the world, but for two English teams) EVER!!! i.e. we have well and truly collapsed the probability wave on those Schrodinger's cats, now definitively dead, defunct, expired... i.e. we really have sent them back to Geelong, thoroughly miserable, as per our intention? lol

Allow me the self-indulgence again:
(to the tune of Solidarity Forever, kind of) ;-))

Hehe, I can't wait to go with a Gawith client, fellow Pies supporter, into CEO Kevin's office (Geelong supporter), on Tuesday, and sing him this little ditty, hehe!!!

You have witnessed Aussie Rules Quidditch history in the making, folks, like it or not... And more good news for Collingwood supporters, we have a 5th quarter...

P.S. And the Tigers have struck back against the Crows? i.e. we at Gawith (including Heather) work our magick on all fronts ;-))

P.P.S. Even a supposed non-footy follower in Perth just turned ardent Weagles supporter, in literati? hehe

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

They hav vays of making us oldies work...

...even as we apply for the grass widow's pension.... they keep us busy with volunteer work, hehe

My mission in life = to annoy the crap out of the CEO (Geelong supporter....see you next week, Kevin!)... and everyone else? lmao

That = after diplomatically dancing my way around Collingwood's loss to keyworker Brygita's Weagles... *We'll meet again/don't know where, don't know when/but I know some sunny day we'll meet again* (Vera Lynn, sweetheart to the armed forces, WWII) ;-P

Like Davo (in da house), I love the smell of goanna oil in the morning!

Take your dog,
take your ferret,
take your Komodo dragon....

the song I did not get to sing to my beloved (Norwegian national anthem, this poignant 17th May...egads! I should find myself on the streets of Bergen, waving tiny red-white-and-blue flags):

*yes, we love this country,
as it rises proud,
covered with pines, over the water, and bittened by weather,
with the thousand homes.
We love, we love, and think
of our fathers and mothers
and the saga-nights that sink
dreams upon our earth....*

(freelance translation of Norwegian national anthem)

Hopefully, it does not leave a dry eye in the house, as usual...Translation = a dicky enterprise, at best, half science, and half art? ;-))

And...o O...the innerness of a squirrel... also in my animal medicine wheel this month:

Channelling the Emperor (Aries/Tzaddi) with the help of the Tarot of Ceremonial Magick

"Not many people like me. But that seems only because they do not understand me. Sure, just about everyone has "issues" with me, as you say in your modern pop-psychological jargon. From the top of my tree deep in the forest, I look down and see a little Jack (Azaka, the labourer, in the Voodoo Tarot) hacking at the roots of my tree to bring me down in his rage (7 of Wands, Erzulie la Flambeau). But I laugh at his efforts, because it would take a thousand such Jacks to hack through the roots of my forest giant with their tiny pickaxes. Jack (Azaka) heaves a great 10 of Swords sigh, puts his pickaxe over his shoulder and goes off back home to begin another Sisyphean day tomorrow.
"You rarely see me face to face, but then you rarely see my estranged consort Ayizan (the Empress) face to face either, although you will know her as the sheltering motherly arms that embrace you in the dark of night, and the presence that fills your heart with Goddess-light on the darkest of mornings. She did not understand me, Loco, either. Therefore I had to flee to the woods, to dwell alone with the trees. But do you not get a sense of grandeur and mystery, splendour and holy presence when alone in the woods, looking up the trunk of one of my forest giants? You might call that the intimation of my presence, for I chose to dwell here, not only because the trees of my sacred grove and holy temple give me privacy (for in truth I equate to a very, very private god), but also because, in retreating to dwell high in their canopy, I now dwell that much closer to the starry heavens, that I also love. I stretch my arms wide to encompass them. Your ancestors did ill to come down from the trees. Ayizan prefers the earth and to walk (if veiled with frayed palm branches) among the women of the marketplace, but I feel at home here, with the trees and the starry canopy of sky.
"People have 'issues' with me because I represent the time that they, like Jack (Azaka), feared the father as giant, because he could so easily overpower them with his disproportionate advantage of size, and also put them to shame with his phallic splendour. They do not understand that I also have my own 'issues', going back to the time my own father (the first giant) dominated me. If you would feel compassion for the giant, as well as the Jacks (Azakas) of this world, read Lasher and Taltos of Anne Rice's Mayfair Witches chronicles. They chronicle the agonies and ecstasies of the giant, as well as of the little people, my equally misunderstood friends, who also dwell in secret in my forests, unknown.
"And remember, you all = little people from where I sit and watch you all, unseen!"

"Calder-Fluss talks about Schroedinger's intuition in the 1940s that genes were crystals - 'and there are the aperiodic crystals of the DNA in the double helix. And this raised, in Schroedinger's mind, the idea that life, organic life, feeds on both order - the aperiodic crystals - and also disorder - random atomic vibrations and collisions. And then we begin to see that the whole universe might be an information system - of messages flowing through crystals against parasitic noise - and human thought then becomes a way of transmitting order between parts of the universe - of informing it - '" A. S. Byatt, "Babel Tower", p. 251.

No dreams of note of late, except one fragment: a "fairy Tarot", incorporating suits of both Leaves and Valley (earth)... ;-))

And they say they have established a punishment room in the Big Brother house; I thought the "punishment room" any room where anyone watched Big Brother ;-P

Saturday, May 13, 2006

A letter from my beloved ;-))

And the Lovecraftian writing challenge you will see, so far only Nards and I have bitten the bullet, and taken that ball and run with it, so to speak! hehe

Sunday, May 07, 2006

A few words against the Nazi/gestapo/thought police

Reading the latest newsletter from the Association of Tarot Studes, on Certification and Codes of Ethics, I feel struck by the similarities of ethical and philosophical dilemmas it presents with those that have confronted me in my efforts to counsel the intellectually disabled at Gawith Villa; while I feel I did achieve some good results, on the individual and psychological level (with which counselling primarily concerns itself, because you have to find yourself there primarily for the client, not for any organisation, however well-intentioned), I found myself continually at loggerheads with what the I.S. ("individual support") social workers at Gawith would call "socio-role valoration theory" (SRV), which now seems to me, in the light of the above article, nothing more nor less than a thinly disguised Kantian categorical imperative, i.e. "only do what you can generalise to all individuals and all situations". At first I thought it exciting, and a whole new dimension to counselling, this interface between psychology and sociology (of which I know nothing, really!), but now I see that the aims of such social workers actually run counter to the aims of counsellors and psychologists (and their clients!), in that they seek to negate carefully tailored individual "solutions", come up with collaboratively and carefully by counsellor and client, with the application of general "rules", supposedly applicable to everybody! Now I know what to call these impossible binds they tried to put me and my clients in, when before I could only think of them, more pejoratively, as the "thought police", "Nazis" or "evil dark lords" of what literally amounts to "the other side" ("sitra achra" in Qabalistic Hebrew)! So, now I prefer to avoid this "other (dark) side" and just continue on my/our merry way as a general volunteer, at the coal-face of direct interactions with clients, as it were, and god/dess help us if our "inner children" should raise their heads, such that they attract the attention of this "other (dark) side"! *grr* (The "good guys", at the coalface, know when to turn a discreet blind eye to the "rules" of Kantian imperative "PCness"! And to think I once ardently supported "PCness" in all its forms! But now I think the PCness of the Nazi/gestapo/thought police anathema... *grr*

And, speaking of Nazi/gestapo/thought police, I just heard yesterday that George Dubya has just publically let the cat out of the bag and called the "war against terror" "WWIII", which Washington has officially avoided up to now. Sneaky one, George! We always knew we had a war on, but it does not seem like WWII, in which the enemy seemed clearly defined, and we knew clearly who and what we had to fight. We have always known that the war against terror = WWIII, but many of us represent the coalition of the unwilling, rather than the willing... Why would we want to go and fight (and die) for your silly interests? *grrr*

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Leo rising
Robust energy prevails toward ongoing change along with frequent upsets in status quo until the 15th, when sudden breakthroughs open new paths. You begin to learn more about yourself spiritually when you are forced to deal with personal and relational challenges. No doubt you'll find the perfect solution for everything challenging in your path. Like magic, you'll define and refine your situation recreating something so much better than you could have imagined, bringing about a new balance in your life. After the 21st you readjust your expectations, and ride the wave of accomplishment! Spiritual Blessing: Remember that you = human, yet, with GOD all things seem possible!!!

Sad, but true.... "Old man Colin (Jenkins)," just turned 50 shortly after I did, i.e. a fellow Monkey, born in the same 'hot' year, 1956, fades more and more visibly in the afternoons: an accelerated aging process, due to his disability condition, and not the medication, according to his key worker Peter. Now I, on the other hand, continue to enjoy wickedly "robust energy", and not even "young Heather", exactly half our age at 25, would dare call me "old Claire", but continues to call me "young Claire", i.e. flattery will get her everywhere!!! lol

Or does that just amount to a side-effect of today's Tarot, the Queen of Cups: in the Tarot of Ceremonial Magick, courtesy of my kind friend Sebi's birthday present: "Beware of flattery; others see only themselves in you", lol!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Ia, Chthulhu! Look what just slithered into my medicine wheel this month!

Octopi live in dens, crevices on the sea floor, or holes they dig under large rocks. They are night predators and feed on crabs, sea snails, and other small fish. An adult female has a short life span approximately one to one and a half years. . There are over 100 species of these solitary eight armed animals that live on the ocean floor. They range in size from one inch up to 23 feet. Adults lay 1000’s of eggs at a time. They watch over the eggs for several months without ever leaving the den. Exhausted by breeding and starved by the vigil over her eggs the female octopus usually dies before or shortly after the eggs hatch.
[Reminds me, curiously, of the birth of the Taltos, in Anne Rice's Mayfair Chronicles... o O, Anne Rice DOES meet H.P.Lovecraft?!]
In the world of the octopus the cycle of life and death has no ending. The Greeks believe the octopus represents the sacred spiral of life, always evolving and ever changing. [They also call the octopus "the spider of the deep"!] Those with this totem often have near death and out of body experiences, giving them the skills necessary to help others transition into spirit. They make excellent hospice workers and death and dying therapists. No one surpasses the agility of the octopus. Since they don’t have bone attached to the muscles in their legs they can squeeze through openings no bigger than a penny. If the octopus loses an arm it will regrow another one. It teaches flexibility and regeneration, among other things. The study and practice of Yoga would seem an excellent therapy for those with this medicine. Most unusually, the octopus has 3 hearts. One heart pumps blood through the body and the other two-pump blood through the gills. This contributes to their constant high blood pressure. Octopi have blue blood which carries oxygen poorly, so we can also associate the rare condition known as a blue baby with octopus medicine. Because of these physiological oddities the octopus has poor stamina and an inability to struggle offensively or defensively for very long. Heart conditions seem common in those with this medicine so one must advise caution. These unique creatures of the sea have excellent eyesight but cannot hear. They seem the most intelligent of all invertebrates. Those with this medicine seem clairvoyant at birth but have difficulty hearing or responding to the voice within no matter how hard they try. When octopus swims into your life it is asking you to let go of your inefficiencies, stop trying so hard and focus on fine tuning the skills that naturally belong to you. Octopuses can expertly camouflage themselves and teach us how to utilize this skill for our own benefit. These fascinating creatures can change colors to mirror their surroundings and alter their skin texture to match the texture of sand, rocks or other surfaces. They also squirt black ink into the water clouding a predator’s visibility so they can escape unharmed. The octopus is a powerful totem to have. By following its lead we learn how to move through life safely, securely and without struggles.
[The squirting of black ink symbolizes a writer's defense mechanism in particular?
Funnily enough, Bjorn Erik suggested we incorporate this magnificent beast into our medicine animals... hmmm.... So I can look forward to an interesting Lovecraftian month, to say the very least?]