Saturday, April 08, 2006

Interestingly, also in my medicine wheel this birthday month...

...found throughout Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea, they have long powerful hind legs and feet for hopping and leaping, their predominant forms of locomotion. They use their long tails, thickened at the base, for balancing. Each long narrow hind foot has four toes. The number four is the number associated with foundation. When the kangaroo appears it is asking you to review the foundation on which you stand, your ideals, beliefs and actions and then take a giant leap over all obstacles that have prevented you from attaining your dreams.
The feet have rich symbology (also corresponding to this month of sidereal Pisces?). Through the feet the body makes its essential contact with the earth, and through the muscular control of the feet you maintain balance in the body. Feet represent that part of the individual which is most closely akin to the material plane of manifestation. Kangaroo teaches us how to balance our material life with our spiritual knowledge. When you have underdeveloped this medicine, foot and leg problems can occur. Kangaroo medicine people make excellent reflexologists and movement therapists.
Kangaroos have a chambered stomach that is functionally similar to cattle and sheep. They regurgitate the vegetation they have eaten, chew it as cud, then swallow it again for final digestion. Those with this medicine have very sensitive digestive and eliminatory systems. Chewing food thoroughly and incorporating herbs and digestive aids into the diet can also help.
When chased by predators, kangaroos have incredible speed. They hop quickly and effortlessly to safety. They don't stop and think about where they are going, rather they allow their instincts to move them. With this totem, instead of contemplating each and every step we take in minute detail, follow the kangaroo's lead and allow our instinctive knowing to guide us. Instinct balanced with intellect restores our trust in spirit.
Kangaroos have incredible focus. Their energy field, tightly woven around them, prevents distractions. Those with this totem need to keep their personal energy fields clear of outside influences to aid them in staying centered and focussed.
When the kangaroo hops into a person's life, get ready for adventure and change. The kangaroo dares you to leap into the unknown without fear, connect with your personal rhythms and honor your intuitive knowing. You can choose!
I know I have dreamt busily this last week, but cannot recall anything, except a snippet of last night's, namely having to read theosophy (!), and expressing a preference for Madame Blavatsky over Annie Besant... Vaguely precognitive of today's reading, but never mind;-P
"arcanists...viewed dreams as imperfect memories of astral projections, largely forgotten on awaking." (The Zelator, p. 182)


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

I thought you'd already read "The Zelator". I can understand you wanting to read it again, though. It certainly is chock-full of mystical goodness !

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