Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Echidna, my medicine wheel answer to 10 of Swords as card for today!

The echidna resembles the hedge hog and the porcupine. They can survive in a vast range of climates and habitat. They have pointy snouts and extremely long sticky tongues to catch ants and termites. Echidnas have no fixed home and you can find them in a variety of shelters. Those with this totem will feel at home wherever they find themselves and often live in unusual dwellings.
This animal represents an ancient creature with a unique and well developed brain. The echidna has existed longer than humans. Because of its long life span, we can know it as the keeper of ancient secrets. It holds the teachings of longevity and renewal.
When the echidna feels threatened it can run away on its short stubby legs, or curl itself into a ball protecting its soft underbelly. They can burrow straight down below the surface of the soil showing only its spines along its back to their predator. It reminds you to watch your back in unknown or uncomfortable situations. Sometimes echidna medicine people will actually feel a tingling sensation running up their backbone when danger approaches.
Echidnas prefer solitude in their habits but can seem mutually tolerable. They have a single minded attitude and understand the value of rooting around to find solutions to life's questions. Those with this totem can seem investigative and inquisitive and make excellent detectives. They have good memories and can retain information.
The tip of the echidnas nose has great sensitivity to electrical signals from an insect's body. Since the echidna has no teeth, it crushes insects between horny pads in its mouth. Echidna medicine people can detect subtle electrical impulses originating from the earth as well as the sky. They can channel stronger electrical currents through their body without damaging their nervous system. This gives them the ability to communicate with the spirit realm and extraterrestrial beings more efficiently. The echidna holds many secrets. When it appears in your life, expect those secrets soon revealed to you! Posted by Picasa


Blogger Ken said...

Nice one, Claire. Our monotreme cuz would be flattered. Hehe.

9:29 pm  
Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

I like the bit about 'communicating with the spirit realm and extraterrestrial beings more efficiently'.

And where have you been getting these cards ? They are really nice.

7:26 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

Not cards... Animal Medicine cards, supplemented by the link... Waah!!! whic h I lost, formerly bookmarked ;-((

8:41 am  

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