Monday, April 10, 2006


...what you find in the recycling bins of other people! lol
(from the Nesster collection of collages, see link below) ;-))

Holy Week begins
The week before Easter Week, when passion plays to re-enact the last days of Christ were performed.

Megalesia ends (Roman)
(see 4th April)

Day of Bau (Babylonian)
Associated with the sky and with light, Bau is mother of the earth and is to be honoured at dawn and mid-day.

Feast of the Rivers and Seas (Sumerian)
Yam-Nahar, the god of seas and rivers, represents the hostile aspect of water while Baal is the beneficent element as rain. Baal's victory over the forces of disorder and chaos is depicted as the killing of the seven-headed dragon Lotan.

Liber Angelicae
On this day in 1586 in Prague, John Dee, astrologer to Elizabeth 1st, cabalist and alchemist, and his scryer assistant Edward Kelly, were made by the angels to burn their priceless and irreplaceable hermetic books.

Journey of the Divine Comedy
Dante fixes the date of his journey through Hell, Purgatory and Paradise as Easter time in 1300.


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

And speaking of significant times, it's soon going to be 1:02:03 on the 04/05/06. Cool huh ? ( Not that there's anything particularly religious or mystical about that though )

7:17 am  

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