Monday, April 17, 2006

Adventures in purple pod (for those interested)

OK, so I wanted to revisit Su's purple pod in the Chaostation, because intrigued by her description of how to achieve an astral orgasm, and the last time I tried it, I came tantalisingly close... hehe ;-))

Weird stuff began happening, almost as soon as I started closing my eyes, and slowing down my breathing. I did not even get up to the orgasm bit, because it all just turned into such a weird, dreamlike phantasmagoria... Even on my way down to purple pod, I did not see any purple crabs, but I did see lots of mermaids, except flying about in the air, rather than swimming. I wondered, like T.S.Eliot's Alfred J. Prufrock, if they would sing to me, but they "told" me, in some mysterious "astral" way, i.e. without speaking, that mermaids do not sing underwater, because under water, all seems silent (hence under water as the setting, and metaphor, in Children of a Lesser God for where hearing and deaf people become "equals"!); dolphins use a kind of sonar, or echo-location, but apparently neither their nor the whales' song amounts to "singing" as we understand it, more an informative kind of chatter... Anyway, the mermaids "told" me that in fact, in purple pod, the air itself = water (hence I could continue walking down the path, while still breathing, without gills), and, yes, mermaids do sing, but only when they stick their heads out of the water to breathe the air, hence they equate to a kind of strange hybrid, of fish, and angels (the 'angelic' part = the part that sticks its head out of the water and sings)... And, no, I did not hear them sing this time, because of all this astral chatter going on in my inner ears! lol

Other strange visions in purple pod: I think I saw George, a fellow wyrdling, as a giant cranky sea turtle swimming up to me, but I did not feel scared, because I recognised it as George (George uses a cranky-looking seaturtle as his avatar on his blog), and he swam on...

I briefly saw Jesus swimming around in the astral sea, and realised, again, kind of 'astrally', that he = maybe one of the first vampires, because so many people want to drink his blood all the time, he had to become a vampire, so as not to become totally exsanguinated! lol

Then I woke up with Catseye's words about "snide comments" still ringing in my ears, and realised she only picks on me, as "catty, all too catty", and you know what cats do when they smell a fish (i.e. sidereal Pisces)!... Seriously, I have thought much about that "snide comments" remark, because someone else also accused me recently of it, with extremely hurtful consequences, and also realise that I really hate anyone who goes on putting in the boot AFTER you've apologised several times, "snide" or not, and I guess that the "snide" business only arose because she cannot tell when I don't speak sarcastically or snidely, as I cannot tell when she does... ;-P

On a lighter note, do check out the latest addition to my blogroll, "Every Kriya - art to be part of", because I met the artist today, in the city, doing his street art/buskin' thing, and imho we should have more of it! Also a very cool Easter Sunday reflection on there... Also a blog that self-confessedly makes an art form of typos, just to show I have no prejudice against typos per se... ;-))


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

Rather wierd and wonderful, huh ? Now you've got me curious about Su's story, given that your reaction to it was so interesting.

6:54 am  
Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

I liked the site by the grafitti artist. Thanks for the link. Rather inspiring. In noticed that he mentioned "The Artist's Path" too, which I have read and been influenced by. Sounds like someone it would have been interesting to meet.

7:09 am  

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