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Nice one, George!! ;-))

Working Magick with the Cthulhu Mythos


by George D. Jackson

During the course of teaching my class "The Path of the Adept," the subject of Necronomic magick and the Cthulhu Mythos invariably seems to arise. If one is going to explore this area, I deem it absolutely necessary that a person has a knowledge of its originator, Howard Phillips Lovecraft.

H.P. Lovecraft was born August 20, 1890, and died March 15, 1937, at the age of 46. He was a child prodigy, reading at two and writing at three. His parents were, to say the least, strange. His father died insane while Lovecraft was still a small child, and his mother was hugely overprotective and misanthropic. She had a pronounced aversion to touching him as a child. She too died while he was young. One of the key figures in his childhood was his grandfather, Whippie Phillips, who told him ghost stories and tales of witchcraft while he was still very small. One of the first books that he read was Grimm's Tales, to be followed by The Arabian Nights. At this time, he was five years old. One of his older relatives suggested he assume the name of "Abdul Alhazred," which was probably derived from "Hazard," a family connected to the Phillipses. Alhazred was later to be identified as the author of The Necronomicon.

Definite results came from this very early exposure to non-Christian traditions. At five, Lovecraft was placed in the infant class of the Sunday school of the venerable First Baptist Meeting House on College Hill in Providence, Rhode Island. The results came as a shock to all the adults concerned. He wrote:

"The absurdity of the myths I was called upon to accept and the somber grayness of the whole faith compared with the Eastern magnificence of Mahometanism made me definitely an agnostic, and caused me to become so pestiferous a questioner that I was permitted to discontinue attendance."

At the age of six, Lovecraft plunged into classical Greek mythology. He later wrote:

"When about seven or eight I was a genuine pagan, so intoxicated with the beauty of Greece that I acquired a half-sincere belief in the old gods and nature spirits. I have in literal truth built altars to Pan, Apollo and Athena and have watched for dryads and satyrs in the woods and fields at dusk. Once I firmly thought I beheld some kind of sylvan creatures dancing under autumnal oaks; a kind of `religious experience' as true in its ways as the subjective ecstasies of a Christian. If a Christian tells me he has felt the reality of his Jesus or Jahveh, I can reply that I have seen hoofed Pan and the sisters of the Hesperian Phaethusa."

The Germans have a word, Wundersucht, for this mystical sense of the reality of magick and the supernatural. With Lovecraft, however, it led to a skeptical view of the supernatural -- his nontheism. He became a philosophical materialist.

Lovecraft was influenced in his writing by four preeminent writers. They were Edgar Allan Poe, Jules Verne, A. Conan Doyle and Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, better known by his pen name Lord Dunsany.

[I knew I found myself on the right track with a renewed addiction to Jules Verne and A. C. Doyle, George; now, if I could only find the works of H.P.Lovecraft himself! hehe]

From Lord Dunsany came Lovecraft's concept of establishing a mythos for his tales. In 1921, the first of the Cthulhu Mythos tales was written, "The Nameless City," published in Weird Tales, November 1938. Thirteen others were to follow, of which "The Dunwich Horror" was turned into a full-length motion picture starring Dean Stockwell and Sandra Dee in the early 1970s. As a small aside, I will mention that the poster illustrator for this film was a devout fundamentalist Christian and the production of the advertising poster so filled him with horror that he ended his career in films with this effort. A more tongue-in-cheek film called Cast a Deadly Spell was done in recent years.

Through his enormous personal correspondence, Lovecraft invited other gifted fantasy writers to add to the mythos. These included August Derleth, who founded the publishing company Arkham House, dedicated to publishing tales of the mythos, and Robert E. Howard, the creator of Conan, as well as the other well-known writers Frank Belknap Long, Clark Ashton Smith, Robert Bloch, Henry Kuttner, Brian Lumley, Colin Wilson and Lin Carter, to name a few. More recently, David Drake and the late Roger Zelazny added to this ongoing effort. In the end, Lovecraft and the other writers created through their intuition, their dreams waking and asleep, their extrapolation and writing skills a mythos so terrifyingly real that many assume today that it is. To quote from The Necronomicon:

"That is not dead which can eternal lie,

And with strange eons even death can die."

The Cthulhu mythos postulates an incredibly ancient race of beings from the star system of Betelgeuse. In the aftermath of a cosmic falling out between "The Elder Gods" and "The Great Old Ones," which is explained in "The Lair of the Star Spawn," the Great Old Ones are exiled and imprisoned on Earth, some other star systems and adjacent dimensions. This event occurs prior to life as we know it on Earth. So the Great Old Ones are involuntary colonists, somewhat like the people who were first shipped to Australia under sentence of British law. To say that the GOO have little or no interest in the goings-on of humanity, except possibly in the area of pest control or a convenient source of material for genetic manipulation, would be a massive understatement. The vast majority of the GOO are totally alien in aspect, being amorphous with a tendency to sprout tentacles or other appendages at need. Their mental abilities are many evolutionary steps beyond humanity's, and close proximity to their musings tends to drive men mad. One wonders if their original sin was a very advanced form of genetic engineering.

Some of the entities mentioned in the mythos are Azathoth, the blind idiot god and leader of the GOO, and Yog-Sothoth, the all-in-one and one-in-all, with no strictures in time or space. Combined together, they form an apt description of elemental chaos. Some of the others are Cthulhu, a water being with elemental powers; Hastur, He Who Is Not To Be Named, the lord of air;

[Reminds one of Voldemort, in Harry Potter, does it not?]

Shub-Niggurath, the Black Goat with a Thousand Young; Cthugha, a fire being; and Nyarlathotep, the messenger of the GOO. There are myriads of others, as well as minions of the Great Old Ones created for service needs.

Now, magick is in part the manifestation of an intent by the power of the will and other energies. Bringing the Great Old Ones through the gates and portals of imagination and manifesting them on our level of reality is an effort that can be very hazardous to one's mental, spiritual and physical well-being. Nevertheless, it seems very tempting to magicians, and as I say I am usually asked about it in my classes.

[And my neophyte's question, George, = where do I get these books? ;-))]

In the middle 1970s, I experimented with taking a very quick peek at the plane of existence of the GOO, utilizing fragments of ritual found in Lovecraft's stories. My female co-magician promptly began lapsing into unconsciousness in one of our initial attempts. I took this as an omen of things to come and decided it was a good idea to suspend operations in that direction.

[My other neophyte's question = where do we get details of this working?]

Such work is called portal opening and does not involve invoking the GOO. When it comes to invoking, it is good to know that, according to the mythos, there are no banishings or wards devised by humans that can affect the Great Old Ones. Needless to say, various ceremonial magicians keep poking around this area trying to impose their sense of order on something basically chaotic, and for the most part their efforts have not been well-rewarded. Kenneth Grant was one of these; he outlines his work in a book called Outer Gateways.

A book entitled Necronomicon, published by Avon Books in 1980, attempts to tie together Sumerian magick, the work of Aleister Crowley and the Cthulhu Mythos of Lovecraft.

[Nice one!!!]

In my opinion, it fails completely in this effort.


The portion on Sumerian magick should stand alone, for it has virtue in its own right. Binding Crowley and the Great Old Ones' mythos together I hope is a joke.

[Binding Crowley and anything together = a joke? lol]

I keep having the suspicion the editors did this to justify using Necronomicon as the title for their book.

Phil Hine, a chaos sorcerer, has written a booklet entitled "The Pseudonomicon" that goes into considerable detail on how to approach the Cthulhu Mythos using some techniques of chaos sorcery. This booklet begins with a disclaimer listing various hazards, such as the potential for inducing in oneself an advanced state of paranoia.

[o O...]

However, it is the best magickal approach to the mythos that I have read to date. In the introduction, Phil asks why anyone would attempt to perform magickal work with Lovecraft's Great Old Ones. I suspect the answer is that we want to know if they're really, really out there.

[Yeh, we must find the truth out there, somewhere! lol]

George D. Jackson is an Adept V of the Sorcerer's Guild, a group dedicated to the enhancement of magickal work among its membership that is open to initiates of most magickal traditions. For more information on the guild, call (503) 233-4767.

Alan Didak

Hunabpu and Xbalanque have nothing on our combo... Alan Didak seen here facing one of the lords of Xibalba (as per the Popol Vuh!), and drawing a deep breath... and another Collingwood player, Ben Johnson, got the Anzac Day trophy! Posted by Picasa

Brodie Holland

Sebi (and others), who would not barrack for Collingwood when we have gorgeous boys like this one? hehe Posted by Picasa

Sunday, April 23, 2006

On the Roman road, with Alan Davies

Not much of a picture, I know, but believe it or not Alan Davies (pictured here on the left) has to represent one of the sexiest blokes on British television, although this photo does not do him justice (I thought that might get Sebi's attention, and maybe get him blogging again!) , and the "Roman Road", in which he plays Vince with his friend Matt (on the right) has to represent the epic Fool's journey, as in the Tarot, for our times, although the walk itself only amounts to a mere 6o miles or so, along the Roman road, from Chichester to London (Bridge)... did you know that the Romans originally built a Roman bridge on the site of the modern London bridge?

And just before that, you could see more interesting British television on our Aussie TV screens, following blow by artistic blow Rolf Harris' portrait of the queen... It made made both of them look quite interesting, and I do think his portrait of the queen the best yet, and not as "impressionistic" as I thought (and he wanted!), although I must admit I feel I could do just a good job, both artistically and personally, if given half a chance... ;-))
 Posted by Picasa

Monday, April 17, 2006

More scary but true


Fellow wyrdlings will appreciate this, especially if they think they already = self-actuated individuals...

Reminds me of the John Glashan (psychiatrist) cartoon: "We are all individuals!"

"No, I'm not!" (tiny voice in crowd) ;-P

Adventures in purple pod (for those interested)

OK, so I wanted to revisit Su's purple pod in the Chaostation, because intrigued by her description of how to achieve an astral orgasm, and the last time I tried it, I came tantalisingly close... hehe ;-))

Weird stuff began happening, almost as soon as I started closing my eyes, and slowing down my breathing. I did not even get up to the orgasm bit, because it all just turned into such a weird, dreamlike phantasmagoria... Even on my way down to purple pod, I did not see any purple crabs, but I did see lots of mermaids, except flying about in the air, rather than swimming. I wondered, like T.S.Eliot's Alfred J. Prufrock, if they would sing to me, but they "told" me, in some mysterious "astral" way, i.e. without speaking, that mermaids do not sing underwater, because under water, all seems silent (hence under water as the setting, and metaphor, in Children of a Lesser God for where hearing and deaf people become "equals"!); dolphins use a kind of sonar, or echo-location, but apparently neither their nor the whales' song amounts to "singing" as we understand it, more an informative kind of chatter... Anyway, the mermaids "told" me that in fact, in purple pod, the air itself = water (hence I could continue walking down the path, while still breathing, without gills), and, yes, mermaids do sing, but only when they stick their heads out of the water to breathe the air, hence they equate to a kind of strange hybrid, of fish, and angels (the 'angelic' part = the part that sticks its head out of the water and sings)... And, no, I did not hear them sing this time, because of all this astral chatter going on in my inner ears! lol

Other strange visions in purple pod: I think I saw George, a fellow wyrdling, as a giant cranky sea turtle swimming up to me, but I did not feel scared, because I recognised it as George (George uses a cranky-looking seaturtle as his avatar on his blog), and he swam on...

I briefly saw Jesus swimming around in the astral sea, and realised, again, kind of 'astrally', that he = maybe one of the first vampires, because so many people want to drink his blood all the time, he had to become a vampire, so as not to become totally exsanguinated! lol

Then I woke up with Catseye's words about "snide comments" still ringing in my ears, and realised she only picks on me, as "catty, all too catty", and you know what cats do when they smell a fish (i.e. sidereal Pisces)!... Seriously, I have thought much about that "snide comments" remark, because someone else also accused me recently of it, with extremely hurtful consequences, and also realise that I really hate anyone who goes on putting in the boot AFTER you've apologised several times, "snide" or not, and I guess that the "snide" business only arose because she cannot tell when I don't speak sarcastically or snidely, as I cannot tell when she does... ;-P

On a lighter note, do check out the latest addition to my blogroll, "Every Kriya - art to be part of", because I met the artist today, in the city, doing his street art/buskin' thing, and imho we should have more of it! Also a very cool Easter Sunday reflection on there... Also a blog that self-confessedly makes an art form of typos, just to show I have no prejudice against typos per se... ;-))

Sunday, April 16, 2006

A scary true story

Dr Money and the Boy with No Penis

...advertised as a "cautionary" tale about what happens when a "scientist" insists on clinging to a paradigm, and his own pet "beautiful theory", in defiance of the facts of the human costs ;-P

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Popol Vuh

I have decided, in so far as I need a "Bible", I need look no further than this one; it contains all the "Old and New Testaments" one requires, and more Easter/resurrection than one can handle, after the overcoming of the dark lords of Xibalba (death, the underworld)... and yet it reads like a fast-paced sports commentary, just like watching the football (don't forget, the Mayans invented the world's first rubber ball game, which they played with yokes at their waists, and a skull inside!). If you want to discover the inner meaning of Easter, the death/resurrection mysteries, just check this one out, if you dare! (Don't worry, I won't come knocking at your door like a Jehovah's Witness or Mormon or any one "born-again" fundie to flog it to you!) lol ...It also contains aspects of the Clan of the Cave Bear, btw ;-))

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Vive la fee verte...

...and many happy solars to me!
La fee verte... interesting experience with which to begin my second half-century; don't attempt to drink it in a clear glass; it really does look quite disgusting, especially when it turns "louche" or "cloudy", as it must, which makes you think you drink dirty dishwater ;-P And I figured all that stuff about drizzling ice water through sugar cubes into it unnecessary, when you can just add lemonade, as a sweetener and a mixer... Much better for one's health than lousy red cask wine (my usual winter habit, as opposed to the harmless summer habit, of beer, that just pisses out of every orifice!)? lol
If I could afford it on a regular basis, I might just become a walking testimonial to absinthe yet... Kind of the French answer to ouzo, which also needs Coke to disguise its cloudiness and general "loucheness"... But, to paraphrase St Paul, a little absinthe for your stomach's, or spirit's, sake...why the **** not? Somehow, I do not think I will feel as hungover tomorrow, as I did today on lousy cheap red cask wine... Also worth checking out on the above link, a little story by Aleister Crowley, one of the few things he wrote worth reading, imho, about "the green goddess"... Check it out, if you dare! ;-))

Oh, also, btw (benefits of the wisdom of having done a little online research beforehand!), do NOT fall for the cheaper, fake brand of 'absinth' without the e, from the Czech republic, unless you like drinking mouthwash!? lol

P.S. And now I know, thanks to the Glasshouse, that if I get pissed off and grumpy losing (to cheats?) in literati, I just do a Jana Pittman ;-))

And also, btw, if you really saw the Easter bunny laying a large chocolate egg, would you really want to eat it? lol

Monday, April 10, 2006


...what you find in the recycling bins of other people! lol
(from the Nesster collection of collages, see link below) ;-))

Holy Week begins
The week before Easter Week, when passion plays to re-enact the last days of Christ were performed.

Megalesia ends (Roman)
(see 4th April)

Day of Bau (Babylonian)
Associated with the sky and with light, Bau is mother of the earth and is to be honoured at dawn and mid-day.

Feast of the Rivers and Seas (Sumerian)
Yam-Nahar, the god of seas and rivers, represents the hostile aspect of water while Baal is the beneficent element as rain. Baal's victory over the forces of disorder and chaos is depicted as the killing of the seven-headed dragon Lotan.

Liber Angelicae
On this day in 1586 in Prague, John Dee, astrologer to Elizabeth 1st, cabalist and alchemist, and his scryer assistant Edward Kelly, were made by the angels to burn their priceless and irreplaceable hermetic books.

Journey of the Divine Comedy
Dante fixes the date of his journey through Hell, Purgatory and Paradise as Easter time in 1300.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Next Sunday Next Before Easter: Palm Sunday

Intent: The Temporary Triumph of the Light before its Obscuration

...Resonates strangely with Tarot cards from this morning's meditation:
The lesson is taken from the Revelation of St. John:

"And the four-and-twenty elders and the four beasts fell down and worshipped God that sat on the throne, saying: Amen, Praise our God, all ye His servants and ye that love Him, both great and small. And I heard as if it were the voice of a great multitude, and as the voice of many waters (4 of Cups: the voice of Agwe resounding from the ocean depths, even the belly of the whale, indeed!), and as the voice of mighty thunderings (3 of Pentacles: as Oya the goddess of lightning skips lightly over the crags), saying: Alleluia!" The goddess Erzulie also steps in (7 of Swords) with her Venusian mirror to remind us to take all of this cum grano salis, i.e. with a very large grain of salt, as Amazing Grace plays on 3PBS gospel program ;-))

Also Modron's day (Celtic)
A Welsh goddess and daughter of Avalloc, who evolved from the earlier Celtic goddess Matrona, thought to be a forerunner of Morgan le Fay from Arthurian Legend.
Did manage to recall two more significant dream fragments last night: doing art therapy with one client at Gawith (she turned out a beautiful, soft, blue, Zen-looking sky), and also another one, doing some very vibrant abstract pattern work - kind of Mexican or Aztec-looking - turned out to have a twin sister called Donna, to whom they just introduced me... Very interesting... And speaking of "Zen skies", you will find an enchanting gallery of meditative, not to mention images to explore at Nesster's ;-))

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Interestingly, also in my medicine wheel this birthday month...

...found throughout Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea, they have long powerful hind legs and feet for hopping and leaping, their predominant forms of locomotion. They use their long tails, thickened at the base, for balancing. Each long narrow hind foot has four toes. The number four is the number associated with foundation. When the kangaroo appears it is asking you to review the foundation on which you stand, your ideals, beliefs and actions and then take a giant leap over all obstacles that have prevented you from attaining your dreams.
The feet have rich symbology (also corresponding to this month of sidereal Pisces?). Through the feet the body makes its essential contact with the earth, and through the muscular control of the feet you maintain balance in the body. Feet represent that part of the individual which is most closely akin to the material plane of manifestation. Kangaroo teaches us how to balance our material life with our spiritual knowledge. When you have underdeveloped this medicine, foot and leg problems can occur. Kangaroo medicine people make excellent reflexologists and movement therapists.
Kangaroos have a chambered stomach that is functionally similar to cattle and sheep. They regurgitate the vegetation they have eaten, chew it as cud, then swallow it again for final digestion. Those with this medicine have very sensitive digestive and eliminatory systems. Chewing food thoroughly and incorporating herbs and digestive aids into the diet can also help.
When chased by predators, kangaroos have incredible speed. They hop quickly and effortlessly to safety. They don't stop and think about where they are going, rather they allow their instincts to move them. With this totem, instead of contemplating each and every step we take in minute detail, follow the kangaroo's lead and allow our instinctive knowing to guide us. Instinct balanced with intellect restores our trust in spirit.
Kangaroos have incredible focus. Their energy field, tightly woven around them, prevents distractions. Those with this totem need to keep their personal energy fields clear of outside influences to aid them in staying centered and focussed.
When the kangaroo hops into a person's life, get ready for adventure and change. The kangaroo dares you to leap into the unknown without fear, connect with your personal rhythms and honor your intuitive knowing. You can choose!
I know I have dreamt busily this last week, but cannot recall anything, except a snippet of last night's, namely having to read theosophy (!), and expressing a preference for Madame Blavatsky over Annie Besant... Vaguely precognitive of today's reading, but never mind;-P
"arcanists...viewed dreams as imperfect memories of astral projections, largely forgotten on awaking." (The Zelator, p. 182)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Echidna, my medicine wheel answer to 10 of Swords as card for today!

The echidna resembles the hedge hog and the porcupine. They can survive in a vast range of climates and habitat. They have pointy snouts and extremely long sticky tongues to catch ants and termites. Echidnas have no fixed home and you can find them in a variety of shelters. Those with this totem will feel at home wherever they find themselves and often live in unusual dwellings.
This animal represents an ancient creature with a unique and well developed brain. The echidna has existed longer than humans. Because of its long life span, we can know it as the keeper of ancient secrets. It holds the teachings of longevity and renewal.
When the echidna feels threatened it can run away on its short stubby legs, or curl itself into a ball protecting its soft underbelly. They can burrow straight down below the surface of the soil showing only its spines along its back to their predator. It reminds you to watch your back in unknown or uncomfortable situations. Sometimes echidna medicine people will actually feel a tingling sensation running up their backbone when danger approaches.
Echidnas prefer solitude in their habits but can seem mutually tolerable. They have a single minded attitude and understand the value of rooting around to find solutions to life's questions. Those with this totem can seem investigative and inquisitive and make excellent detectives. They have good memories and can retain information.
The tip of the echidnas nose has great sensitivity to electrical signals from an insect's body. Since the echidna has no teeth, it crushes insects between horny pads in its mouth. Echidna medicine people can detect subtle electrical impulses originating from the earth as well as the sky. They can channel stronger electrical currents through their body without damaging their nervous system. This gives them the ability to communicate with the spirit realm and extraterrestrial beings more efficiently. The echidna holds many secrets. When it appears in your life, expect those secrets soon revealed to you! Posted by Picasa

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