Monday, March 27, 2006

Guedeh la Flambeau, 3 of Wands, 2nd day in a row!

Thoughts of gnosis much in my mind, especially sexual gnosis, and, unlike Aza of wyrd_crossings, I do not see as necessary to have a physical partner for sexual gnosis... In the light of recent wyrd discussions about Satan/Shaitan as "black sun" etc, I find it interesting that Papa Legba here disguises himself in "Luciferian" ("light-bearing") fashion as a comely, and spunky, young BLACK man (because his normal appearance of old man does not have the same 'sex appeal'?).
This also ties in with my current readings about Aleister Crowley, who observed that celebrants in the "holy (i.e. sexual) rites" should not change their roles; and in their homosexual rites, Crowley himself remained true to this, and remained passive to Neuburg's active role, taking the active role of priest only when invoking feminine deities. He thus remained true to his nature, at least. But he gave an obscure, occult justification for this, namely, that "only black gods are hermaphrodite", with the exception of cases of divine possession (see major arcanum VIII in the Voodoo Tarot, i.e. full-on frenzy of possession, psychotic when unsupervised by proper Voodoo practitioners!).
"Of course, he loved making the most outrageous statements. Underneath, perhaps, he believed in what he was saying, but, if challenged, he was ready to laugh the matter away." (The Great Beast: the Life and Magick of Aleister Crowley, John Symonds, p. 203) i.e. "banish with laughter", in true Chaos fashion? lol
Or perhaps he did have some insight into the truly hermaphroditic nature of Papa Legba - because I found he did change roles this morning, and adopted the feminine role, to my masculine - as did also Bjorn Erik, when he not only 'changed sex', but also adopted the name "Kaffa", meaning "black".
"I am black, but I am lovely, O daughters of Jerusalem!" (Song of Songs, i.e. biblical 'liftout' section, ch. 1!) ;-))
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Blogger Medusa161 said...

See the Purple Pod in the ChaoStation.

What we can do physically, we can also do using an aspect of extended mind ("vacuity" as per Austin Osman Spare's opinion), she muses.

12:23 pm  
Blogger asgif666 said...

Oh cool...Purple pod next? I thought that water...should have a cooling effect, after all this fire? lol

12:41 pm  

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