Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Aussie values

*we're Aussie...and we don't give a shit!* lol

Mergers we'd like to see:

Hale Business Systems, Mary Kay cosmetics, Fuller Brush Co and W.R. Grace -> Hale, Mary, Fuller, Grace;

Polygram Records, Warner Bros, and Zesta Crackers -> Poly Warner Cracker;

Zippo Manufacturing, Audi, steelmaker Dofasco and Dakota mining -> Zip Audi Do Dah;

FedEx and major competitor UPS -> FedUP;

Fairchild semiconductor and Honeywell computers -> Fairwell Honeychild;

Mustard brand Grey Poupon and Docker pants -> Poupon Pants;

Victoria's Secret and Smith and Wesson -> Titty Titty Bang Bang;

Scarborough Equities and Fairfax -> Scarborough Fair;

Wedgetail Exploration and Eagle Bay Resources -> Wedgetail Eagle;

Noni B and WA News -> No News; and Climax Mining -> (left to your imagination!) lol

Roc Oil and Hardman Resources -> A Roc and a Hard place;

Extract resources and Digital and Voice media -> Extract the Digit Mining;

Eagle Bay resources and Rox resources -> Eagle Rox!!! (with apologies to Daddy Cool) ;-))


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