Monday, February 20, 2006

Z'Etoile, Voodoo Tarot of New Orleans, Red Magnetic Skywalker day!

The idea of "road" or "journey" I already associated with it in my own Tarot, i.e. - as one of the earliest I ever did - simply, and somewhat naively, the three Magi following the Star: dark blue (cellophane) night with the Star shining bright gold within it: to "travel hopefully" indeed seems better than "to arrive"! ;-))
For my card of this 'Gregorian year', 2006, I got the 9 of Swords - oh, joy, I thought, with the usual 'knee-jerk' reaction to this card! Quelle "annee de chienne" (=year of the bitch, pardon my French!) lol But, at least in the Voodoo Tarot, the 9 of Swords already seems connected to the Star, i.e. no matter how black and bleak the night appears, the angels (Masa) work busily at mediating our Star-connections, so, no matter how alone you feel, the universe actually takes care of you...!!! ;-))
Now, in this, also my personal card of today, we see the actual Star, close up and personal, so to speak. The Voodoo associates with it the meaning of "a clear road", i.e. you have a clear sense of where you go, and the faith, hope and inspiration to travel buoyantly along that road. This card shows the calabash or gourd containing the "destiny" of every one of us, written in the stars, you might say. Remember, that the journey of the earth itself = threefold: daily, on its own axis; yearly, around the sun; and also, at the same time, it moves steadily outward to some unknown 'destination' in space, with the universe, as the result of the Big Bang... You can also feel your "Star-connection" tingle at the top of your head, in your crown chakra, if you pay attention... like some sort of umbilical cord? The foetus looks very safe and secure and well-nurtured, in its snug little calabash of destiny, anyway... ;-))
(Red Magnetic Skywalker day in the Mayan calendar, also very appropriate...Not a particularly 'grounding' day, but rather uplifting and exhilarating - can also tend to insomnia, i.e. hyper-wakefulness, just due to the inspiring inrush of generally elevating thoughts, creating at least a hypo-manic mood: look to other cards around the 'Star' for grounding influences, i.e. 'lead boots', as needed, cos the Star = all 'rocket fuel', i.e. warp, speed, engage: we have lift-off!) ;-))
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Blogger Medusa161 said...

Sounds good to me, she muses.

8:52 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

And why not, when I got the original "warp, speed, engage" from you, Su, not to mention the "she muses", she muses! lol

5:53 pm  

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