Monday, February 06, 2006

reading from the French Cartomancy book of Madame Lenormand

Note similarities of images to those on Titania's Fortune cards: I suspect this deck to equate to the "ancestor" or direct source of Titania's ;-))

February. 31 Sun
the work and business front is animated with important changes. Reassuring news from afar. Advantageous contracts. Appetizing business proposals.

NO news from afar would seem the most reassuring option at this point, given Bjorn Erik's recent ultimatum! ;-))

March. 30 Lily
Month of boredom and slight cooling of feelings, there is little dialogue in the family and the couple has no passion and cannot agree.

April. 29 Lady
Month of great resolution affecting different parts of your life, but with an eye on finance. You can count on tempting business proposals, equitable earnings, changes of role that will improve your relationship with bosses and colleagues.

May. 33 Key
One extraordinary month for work, where everything seems to magically just happen. Thanks to the support of useful contacts but also your own serious preparation you will find a more gratifying job or thrilling change of role and intriguing trip. (Woo hoo!) ;-))

June. 23 Mice
a month of finacial complications instability and mistakes, insufficient earnings, business turns out to be a bluff, not decisive winnings or loans, promises will not be kept.

July. 24 Hearts
month of complete and bright happiness with those you love. You have a fabulous love relationship and a fantastic family; you can count on sincere friendships and all your emotional desires are satisfied. (About bloody time?) lol

August. 25 Ring
you are on the verge of making a fundamental emotional choice, but you still feel optimistic and confident about your feelings. A pleasant novelty eases a difficult situation. Advantagious contracts, victorious at every hurdle.

September. 21 Mountain

October. 22 Path
you are trying to make a decisive professional choice: risky, but right. Confirmation of position. Business trip, grand sporting success.

Collingwood gets to play in the grand final again? No, they made sure that would never happen again... ;-P

[QUOTE=mysteryrose]November. 2 Clover
This month concentrate your energies on accumilating money. Advantageous business deals contract or small unexpected heritage will give you some extras or low risk but profitable investements. Share rise.

December. 1 Horseman
this month is centered on feelings after a quarrel; the couple stabilizes again; love wins over logic fear, doubts and the intrusion of outsiders.

January. 36 Cross
There is nothing new on the job front, but you are satisfied with what you have realized. You are content and don't have anything to recriminate. Centered objective. Recognition, satisfaction.

I do find them interesting, and it makes me excited to find myself the first person to get a reading with these cards!


Blogger Aidan Aristos said...

I see your back on-line now Claire. Good post by the way

8:46 am  
Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

The cards certainly do seem similar to Titania's Fortune Cards. In the introduction to the book accompanying the cards, she does explain their origin, attributing them to Madame LeNormand, who it seems was Napoleon's psychic.

Now that the cards have foretold your future for the year, are you going to return to this post every month to see if they are accurate ?

6:41 pm  
Blogger asgif666 said...

Oh, I did not know Titania acknowledged her source...good on her! I have recorded the monthly cards in my, about the Sun for this month? No news = good news (from afar,that is?) *beams a big, bright, sunny smile* ;-))

7:04 pm  
Blogger asgif666 said...

As far as "advantageous business proposals" goes, Sr Rose has invited me back to Sacred Heart next Monday to collect $100 (do not pass go, and hope the cheque does not bounce?) lol

i.e. you gotta love a nun with a cheque, bouncy or not ;-))

8:22 pm  

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