Friday, February 17, 2006

My all-time favorite pic of Davo, aka. Hughesie, in case you wondered

I have posted it before, but as I propose to use this as an astral eidolon in ChaoStation (as my own counter-sexual alter ego), I thought I would post it again, also for the purposes of my own committing it to memory!  Posted by Picasa


Blogger Medusa161 said...

On the basis that "Nothing is True. Everything is Permitted" ... we obviously have no rules, save ... if it works, go for it!

However, use your common sense.

You probably do not want to assume the identity and persona of a living person (in this instance Davo) because this could get a little messy for you, in psychological terms. Assuming the image of a Davo and still maintaining your own personality etc will work fine IMO.

After all, I have three astral doubles or eidolons that I use in astral magic, and two of those do not look human at all (grins) ... and they work just fine.

10:52 pm  
Blogger asgif666 said...

Yep, Su, this comment seems exactly what I had in mind; yep, the idea of assuming the image and still maintaining own personality etc. seems to hold potential, after initial experimentation last night, "Hubbing" in the sense of floating around the Hub both consciously and unconsciously, i.e. asleep and (barely) awake... Strange combo of brainwaves, that? i.e. someone should have done an EEG! lol

Possibly because the last sci fi novel I read ("Lucifer", by Michael Cordy, since forwarded to my son), I like the idea of a "fraternal", i.e. non-identical, twin, although in some paradoxical way we also = Siamese twins, joined and separated at or soon after birth. I enjoyed the idea of giving him a vest I found myself in, on barely awaking, similar to a gold/red/purple one of my own, only gold/green/yellow in his case, which "he", as the eidolon, tried on, and then struck various poses, dressed very astral-fetchingly also in a flowing pirate's type shirt, cummerbund and loose trousers tucked into high boots; at one point, similarly but not identically dressed, we put our heads together while gazing out of a porthole into a very black view of space, and felt the "connection" through the spot on our heads where once we had found ourselves connected... Kind of a very "yin/yang" image in a way, i.e. I contain a bit of him, and he contains a bit of me ;-))

8:34 am  
Blogger Medusa161 said...

It will take a little repeated practice to get the knack of this Double thingy Claire. In the first instance, going with something that you resonate strongly with (like your Davo), will make things easier, you see.

Now, in time, you will probably develop several Doubles, each with particular added/maximised functions. Try to stay with four at max, by the way, because you will spread yourself a little thin if you just keep building Doubles.

Eventually you will probably want an animal atavism as a Double (grins). That should make you happy sis, thinking which totemic animal you will select. Now the reason for utilising an animal gets down to the simple reason that such forms will help you access older aspects of the human brain.

(Fingers crossed on sending this 'cos I wrote this message previously and everything went into a blogger funk and my message disappeared).

10:20 am  

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